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At what age did your baby start to crawl? Please do come and share over here!

Hi everyone,

We’re wondering how old your baby was when he or she started to crawl.

Not that it’s a competition, of course! We know each baby is individual and starts to do things in their own time – and that ages for starting crawling, in particular, hugely vary. Just asking round our office today, we’ve had a starting-crawling age range of 6 months to 19 months – with one baby who didn’t crawl at all; he just rolled very fast!

So we thought it would be fascinating to ask you all when your baby became a crawler. We think other mums and dads who read this thread will be interested – and maybe reassured, if they’re a bit worried that their own baby isn’t crawling yet…



Please do come and let us know by posting a reply on this thread.


  • My baby is 8 months tomorrow not crawling yet just swims on the floor or spin or move to desired position with his tummy. :-)

  • My little man has started to crawl last week....he's 8 1/2 months. He had been up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth for a couple of months, so I spent atleast 2 months thinking 'he'll do it any day now'...but it took him til 8 1/2 months. He's now whizzing about the place being a right pain in the arse! haha 

  • Penny started crawling at just over 7 months  😊 She's so teeny too. Looks very cute. 

  • Well, my eldest son (who is now 4!) never ever crawled!  He just bum shuffled!

    My youngest who is 11 months is going the same way - he will get on all 4's and rock (which is more than his brother did!) but he would much rather be up on his feet and cruising!  He will bum shuffle if he really wants to!

    So neither of mine have crawled really - very sad because I think babies look too cute when they crawl :-)

  • My little girl was 9&half months :) she is very forward xx  

  • My first was 9 months, crawled backwards for a few days before mastering the forward crawl. My second was commando crawling from 10 months but didn't properly crawl until nearly 1 - he was a late walker too, but all caught up now.

  • My daughter started crawling at 11 months (but only backwards initially!) my son is 8 months and is almost crawling but currently does a sort of vibrating caterpillar motion haha

  • Emellia has just had her 6 month she does circles and pushes herself backwards.she has to be watched  as one minute she's by the TV. Next she's done a circle and is by the Christmas tree. How long will the tree last up before she gets the bobbles? Only time will tell lol, 

    But if there's something in front of her that catches her eye and she wants she will just hold both arms up in the air and kick her feet. 


  • Sophie started crawling just after she turned 7 month. But before that was rocking for about 3 weeks.

  • My daughter was 7 months when she started to crawl and started walking 2 weeks after her 1st birthday.

  • My first Son who is now 2 was 8 and a half months but my youngest who is 10 months was 6 months when he started kind of dragging himself around but started crawling properly by the time he was 8 months. He loves to follow his brother everywhere! :-)

  • 9months hunn but i tried it with her every day for at least 10-15mins. It was funny when she tried bless her. Just tipping to the side or stiffening up or just flopping lol...xx gotta go through it again now gona be fun x

  • 9 months commando crawling now very efficient. I am hoping he goes up on his knees. :-)

  • Georgia is almost 11 months 10 months corrected has been pushing herself backwards for couple months and going round in circles. Just started getting up on knees and now rocking over last few weeks so crawling shouldnnt be too far away

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