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Diarrhea like a running tap, really worried!!

Hi mums!

First time mum, and my little one (8 months old) is having constant diarrhea at the moment.
This is the second time it has happened and even though last time it went away after nearly two weeks, I am still extremely worried! :(

Basically, he is teething (I'm sure..) everything constantly in the mouth, rosy cheeks from time to time and has a sore bum (skin has torn, and its extremely red) as well as diarrhea!
Sometimes he's done it as I've been changing him and to be its as the title describes, a running tap apart from its yellow.
He isn't eating his solids well however still takes milk? Other than this he is fine in himself.. up through out the night the odd night which is unusual as he sleeps through the night and has done since he was 5 weeks old.

However I was just wondering if anyone else has experience this? is this teething? I have been to the doctors and A&E as it was a weekend at one point and they told me they weren't concerned as he was still taking his milk and eating sometimes.. they would run tests on the stools if it ran over 2 weeks however it didn't but it is back again?
So basically I'm wondering like I said is it teething? Am I over panicking? has someone else experienced it this bad? I know every baby is different but its horrible.. the poor boy is going through all his close, a sore bum and can't get a good sleep.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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