Car Seat for a KA

Just wondered if anybody had a KA and if so what car seat they used for their newborn. Im struggling to find a suitable seat that fits!

Ideas and suggestions welcome!


  • Hi there,

    I'm not speaking out of experience here but I did a little research on car seats for KA.. and looks like even though its difficult to get the infant seat in and out of the car, some people are managing it somehow.

    So, if changing your car is not an option for you.. you could give Chicco KeyFit 22 a thought. Its a very compact seat and fits in most small cars. Plus it has some great features like LATCH system, side impact protection etc. The weight limit is not very high on this one, but I still think its one of your best bets. Another one that I saw some people recommend on other forums is Graco SnugRide.. This one has a better weight limit.. and is also crash tested.

    Here's a comparison between the two seats:

    Your search results can be based on your baby's weight/height,  your budget or size of the seat.. it can be really helpful

    Like I said, I have tried my best to help.. but since I don't own a KA myself..I can't offer personal experience here.

    Here are the links to official sites of the seats that I suggested:


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