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Worried my son is gay

Oh golly I didn't really know where to post this but I am really worried my son might be gay.I know it's not the worst thing ever but not really what I'd choose for him. He is only 2 what should I do?


  • Are you serious???? What makes you think that he might be gay at two years old? If he is then you are just gonna have to learn to live with it, there is nothing you can do to 'fix him'!

  • Oh for goodness sake, so what if he is, but he is 2 years old for goodness sake, they are interested in dolls or cars at that age, not males or females!!!!!

  • You cannot 'fix' your son, If he gay you will only make him have no respect for you and dislike you, and you will end up making him hate himself if you try and 'fix' him. Every parent wants the perfect child, and for them to have the normal perfect life, but that is just not how life works... Your child is perfect exactly how he or not... 

  • Children, despite your genetics, have a unique personality with their own separate preferences and understanding of the world. That's overstepping the mark to try and dictate who and what they find sexually attracted to as a grown adult, with the obvious exception of consent.
    Often we don't like our kids and the choices they make. But maternal love can't just be switched off.
    When the doo-doo really hits the fan, you are the one person they need to be able to feel safe to run to.
    Everyone needs to be loved.
  • what makes you think he is gay ? and why does it matter you made him love him just the way he is
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