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When should a baby be sitting up?

Just wondering at what age a baby should be sitting up? My daughter is eight months old and can sit up for very short periods unaided but always leans left or forwards. She can roll and crawl and is otherwise very strong. Should i be worried as all the other children in her baby group are sitting for quite long periods now?


  • Hi Lafferty. What a great question! 

    As far as we're aware, there's no set point at which a baby should be sitting up: there all do it in their own sweet time.

    Hopefully, some of our regular posters will be along soon to share when their baby starting sitting up, so you can see how varied it is...

  • Hi there,

    Both my boys were really early sitters but really late crawling/bum shuffling. They were 5.5 months when they sat but 11 months before they started getting about.

    All babies do it at different times hun. Do you out pillows around her and just leave her? If she does fall she's padded then 😊 Xx

  • My little girl is 6 months and can't sit for longer than a few minutes without falling forward or the the side. They all get there in the end! i wouldn't worry about it xx

  • Hello hin my little one could sit up for around 20 seconds at around 23 weeks old and is now sitting up for a goodrink few minute's (she's 6 and a half months old) every babies develop differently and different rates, quicker than other babie's at different things but slower in other. I wouldn't worry about it xxx

  • My lb was sitting up at around 4 months old encourage lots of tummy time to strengthen those back muscles 😊 every baby is different tho and does it when they're ready 

  • Guidance says from 6mths but each child is different. My Eldest was sitting from about 6mths, crawling commando style 9mths, cruising 9.5mths & walking at 12mths. Her sister was crawling backwards at 5mths, sitting at 5.5mths, cruising at 9mths & walking at 11mths. 

    I would be concerned if baby is not sitting by their first year review but until then...enjoy them. X

  • Thanks everyone she has just started sitting herself up from lying in the last few days and holding herself up. Still bit shaky but definitely getting there 

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