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How quickly after the birth would you share the good news?


We've just read that, according to a survey, conducted for Start-Rite shoes, 1 in 10 new mothers share the news that their baby's been born on Facebook and other social media within 15 minutes of having a baby – and one in 5 new mums do so within 30 minutes.

What's more, nearly two-thirds of new mums say they or their partner provided a stream of baby-related social-media commentary or updates ahead of the birth or during labour.

Are you surprised by this? Or not?

Did you – or do you intend to – post about your baby's birth on Facebook? If so, how quickly after the birth?

And, gulp, would you let your partner live-Tweet your labour?

Please do let us know!


  • I think it's horrible surely you shouldn't reach for your mobile phone only minutes after bringing new life into the world. Ugh!

  • Ha ha, Tetherdown. I'm guessing you're not really down with the Facebook generation then? [cheeky face]

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