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Ideas please

My daughter is nearly nine months old and has started to crawl, roll and sit etc. She really is very active. The problem is she is the most mobile baby at her baby groups which isn't a problem but I'm afraid she might accidentally hurt one of the other children as she is too mobile. The age range at her baby groups is 6 weeks to ten months. She is starting to get really get fed up with me trying to keep her still at the groups and is clearly getting a bit bored. The question is what else can we do as she is too mobile for the baby groups but too young for toddler. Its important to me that she sees other children regularly as she is currently a only child and we don't have other children in our family.


  • Ah that's difficult. Do you have any mum friends you could go to a local 'soft play' with?
    Not sure what else to suggest except for saying in a few more months she'll be mobile enough for the toddler groups by the sound of it.
    But if it were me I'd try to reach out to other mum friends and make your own 'play dates'.

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