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Travel system and bases

Hey everyone,

5 months pregnant with our first child and started looking at Prams. 

I deffo want a travel system. I found a travel system I like but they don't do car bases for them.

I am really struggling to find a bases that are compatible with travel systems. Does anyone have any idea on good travel system with easy to find base. 

I really don't want to spend over 800 if I can help it  



  • Hi,

    We went with a Venicci travel system, which for us for £539 though another £125 for the base. Can't comment on using it yet , but hoping it won't be too long until we get to!!!


  • Hi. We've gone for the silver cross pioneer with the silver cross simplicity base. The base is currently half price on Mothercare (now £65) And also works with the silver cross wayfarer travel system (which is about £100 less than the pioneer). Again, I'm still pregnant so haven't used it fully yet - but it fits really well in the car and the pram is lovely! X

  • The Britax Bready pushchair is £450, you can buy any Britax carseat compatible with click & go to use with it (Britax Romer & Base has been advertised at £165).

  • Thanks for all your replies. Will look into each travel system and see which one I like.

    Thanks again


  • Hi, 

    We got the Joie travel system, it was on offer at Mothercare for £300, should have been  £400 & the Base was £80.. the Base is compatible with joie gemm car seat too for when baby gets older. It's loads easier having the click & go travel system, especially in the cold & wet weather, my little girl is just over 8 weeks old & it's much easier going out in the car with this base & pram.. also the Britax B-ready is also click & go, although I haven't got the car seat or base for that system.


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