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2 Month Old does not play with Gym


My boy was born at 34 weeks so he is premature. I am a little worried since he is now 2 and a half months old and does not play with the Gym. We have only been trying for 3 days now but he does not seem to watch or see the toys. At least, he shows no sustained interest on them.

Am I to be worried? Is it normal? More or less how long does it take for babies to start using toas and gym properly?

Thanks for your help.


  • He's a bit young tbh. I don't think my son started playing with his gym until he was like 3-4months old and he was full term (40+2) I wouldn't be worried about that personally x

  • Every baby is different but most baby gyms are generally aimed at 3mths + when they get a bit more strength & start to lift their heads & roll over...

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