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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in December 2016 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (at least we think you all have now!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in December 2016 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born December 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 

And to kick this thread off, we've got a lovely little treat to send to everyone who joins this thread in the next week or so, so get posting! 




  • Welcome to the World Henry, Florence Rose, Theo Steven, Charlotte Evelyn, Frankie, Matthew and Amelia, Braxton Scott, Joel Taylor, Amara, Imogen, Kevin, Josephine, Matilda Esmé and Joshua James.

    Come and tell us if we've not got your baby on the list as we'd love to have them all! 

  • Hello everyone, 

    Congratulations on your beautiful babies 👶🏼 i hope you are all getting on alright. 

    We finally decided on a name for our gorgeous little girl....Matilda Esmé. She is two weeks old today and doing really well 💕


  • Hooray Helsbels1580, and hello Matilda Esmé! Now isn't that the best smile (deffo not a wind picture, that's a beautiful smile right there). 

  • Congratulations on everyone's babies.

    We decided to call our little boy Joshua James, he's 9days old already and settling in well at home. 

    How is everyone else getting on?x

  • image

    Hello everyone! congratulations :)

    Hope your all getting on well with your new bundles of joy!

    I'm getting Amara officially registered on Friday, had very mixed reactions from her unusual name so far some people love it some just don't comment again which I'm taking means they arnt keen But I fully expected that when naming her so it doesn't bother me :) 

    here is a more recent photo of her she's 3 weeks on Friday but wasnt due till 31st Dec! x

  • Hi everyone 

    Congratulations on the beautiful babies. 

    Charlotte is 5 weeks tomorrow and is finally settling down a bit. However she is due a growth spurt next week which I am  dreading. It's meant to be worse than the 3 week one which was horrid! 

    Time is flying by.


  • Mrs01 this is the first I have heard of a 3 week growth spurt (ftm) but sure explains a lot!! (Suddenly feeding like mad! not settling) what happened with Charlotte? X

  • And how long did it last? X

  • We're only just over a week and a half and our first good nights sleep last night. Kevin's been cluster feeding the previous 3 nights which meant feeding non stop all night. 

    Got the health visitor coming out tomorrow so will be interesting to see his height and weight in the morning!

  • Hi all,

    Hope everyone is well. Frankie is now one month today. Where is the time going? She also cluster feeds although it is getting a lot better. We have also started introducing one bottle of expressed milk a day.

    After we feed her at night, she instantly wakes as soon we put her in her moses basket. We have tried warming it up, putting in blankets that smell of us and a hand on the chest. Has anyone got any other suggestions?  

  • Hi ladies Josephine is a week old she been doing so well drinking bottles fineness bringing her wind up lovely sleep at night from 1 untill half 7 since we've brung her home ! 

    Now she just seems to want more milk feeding more often she's being weighed today really excited to see how much she weighs now xx


  • Jademarieb, it lasted for about 3 or 4 days but it felt like an eternity! She wouldn't sleep, crying constantly, feeding all day and night, really clingy and would not be put down. MW said it was 3 week growth spurt and she'd have another at 6 weeks. Joy! 

    Lucylou1, we do calm quiet bedtime routine. Very dim lights, calm bath with lullibies on Spotify, new nappy and clothes, very little talk, hot water bottle in moses basket before bath, feed in room and put her down when she's dozy but not asleep. She goes down really well now and is asleep within a minute or 2. However she's a nightmare in the mornings!! Cluster feeding and crying until I take her in the pram for a walk. Just really need a shower in the mornings instead of 9pm!! Lol x

  • Hi ladies,

    Congratulationd to everyone they are all adorable!

    Henry will be 7 weeks on Friday...time has flown.

    He is now on his 14th day in hospital with a chest infection and hit him hard and he was given a lot of help with his breathing, however fingers crossed he is now doing a lot better and could be home in the next few days. 

    he doesnt usually sleep well in his Moses basket, but has been a lot better in a cot at hospital so he will be going in his cot when he is allowed home! We have tried everything too, nothing works! 

    Hope you are all doing well  


  • CVLM

    My friends baby just had that, nasty stuff. Glad they're on the mend. X

  • Cvlm poor Henry! id be beside myself! I really Hope he makes a full recovery soon. 

    Mrs01 sounds about right for what's going on 🙈 I will look forward to the other side of it then! I too have  the hot water bottle it works very well especially as we have the next to me crib which is huge and gets very cold. first night we tried it before the 3 week spurt started she slept 5.5 hours I woke up panicking that something wasnt right as she hadn't woke me up! X

  • Hi everyone,

    We wanted to ask you all, is it ever ok for a stranger to touch your child? Like, moving them out of the way, or tickling them, or is it just not on at all? Please do come and tell us what you think on this new thread here. 

  • Cvlm, poor Henry that really is a long time andmust be really worrying for you! 

    I did debate getting a next to me as i thought it would mean i didnt have to move her. She sleeps really well; its just putting her down. She has slept once or twice in our bed but i just dont like the idea of it.

  • Hi Lucylou1

    I agree with some of the other mums that there's not a lot to be done in terms of Frankie cluster feeds.  Sophie (now 20 months) just got to 6 weeks and it was like someone flicked a magic switch. Nothing we did made any difference. I appreciate that's not the same for all babies and I hope someone hits on something new for all of us! Lol

    The hot water bottle in a next to me crib seems to help Kevin but I think if he wants to cluster feed he will. The mistake I made with Sophie was not putting her down enough which made it difficult at night, so even though it may only last 10 mins I'm putting Kevin back in his Moses basket and we are steadily improving and the other mistake I made was not sleeping in the day when she napped. We had too many visitors for weeks and our old neighbour used to time e trying to nap to perfection for knocking on the door!

    This time I'm putting Sophie and Kevin down for a nap and getting into bed for how ever long I can. This afternoon I managed a welcome 2 hours which will make tonight much more tolerabl.

    Take heart that hopefully another couple o weeks and she should change her rhythms. Xx

  • imageimageHello December mummies 🙌 I am going to be flitting between here & November 😊 

    Matthew & Amelia are now 8wks & 3 days old, we have our first immunisations next week along with our postpartum health check. I am having to go in twice as the two of them take up quite a bit of appointment time 😧. 

    Otherwise we are doing well, we have faced shopping, the school run & even took our first train trip Monday just gone. 

    My only upset is that my breast milk is slowing down now so I am having to give more formula feeds (currently 4oz every 3-4hrs). Still it could have been worse  (at least I got this far).

    Hope all other December babies are doing well. X 

  • Hello all how is everyone getting on? Sorry I've been MIA for the past few days just been trying to get to grips with being a mummy!!

    Florence Rose is 9 days old now and doing well although we are battling cluster feeding between 5 and 9 every night. She is being bottle fed as, although she would latch on, she wouldn't take from me. I didn't think cluster feeding could happen in bottle fed babies but appears I was wrong 😂.

    hope everyone is doing ok. X

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