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What baby stuff is really useful but you didn't realise you needed it till after the birth?

Hi everyone,
We were wondering, since having your baby (or babies!) what baby stuff was really useful, but you didn’t discover it until after you had your baby?

Please do let us know what you couldn’t have done with out by posting a reply to this thread, and hopefully we’ll have a brilliant list together of must have baby stuff!



  • a sling was my best friend for the first 3 months!  Also the a white noise app on my phone, worked wonders settling my little girl.

  • A breast feeding pillow👌🏾😍

    im now bottlefeeding and using a tommee tipped perfect prep machine.. i wasnt at first I was making them as I needed them! The perfect prep is seen as lazy by many (I thought this at first too..) BUT I LOVE IT! Heats bottles to a perfect temperature.

  • I got away with baby swing for first few weeks but when he realised I wasn't there with him, he woukd cry. I didn't have s sling or carrier at the time. I bought the solly wrap which was fab help especially when the swing was no longer effective at getting him to sleep. and befite he finally felt the pram was cosy, I had to get a baby carrier- lillebaby complete airflow was very helpful especially during grocery shopping so we hardly used his carrycot in the end. You can see my review here

    other helpful gadget were a video monitor. The perfect fan youtube clip ( during the summer we got a fan and that night he slept for 8hrs in one stretch).

  • I was told about the perfect prep machine & I couldn't wait to start using it once she started on 4oz. It's a God send when she's really really hungry & a bottle needs to be made quickly. 

    I got Ewan the sheep & it really helps to settle baby, it has 4 different sound effects & my LO settled loads with the heartbeat sounds & it lights up red to imitate the womb. X

  • Definitely the perfect prep machine. I used to make bottles in advanced and Emellia had sickness and dioreah at 3 weeks old and I put it down to making the bottles in advanced (turned out to be a cows milk allergy)  so I bought a prep machine and it's by far one of the beSt things! 

    Ewan the sheep, really good for outings and settling her in unfamiliar surrounding's. 

    I bought a colour changing light for emellia's room (and kept it on red) as she kept waking up after ewan the sheep went off ( which was about 15 mins) and the red light really calms her down. 

    Video monitor. I didn't have one at first. But 2 months ago my mother bought me one as I put emellia in her own room. I was such a paranoid mother which kept going back and for to check on her all night. About 3 times an hour. And I ended up making little noises (floor board squeeking) which ended up waking her. So this is one of the best things I did have. I use it to play music quietly as she sleeps also.

  • Here lady's! This is a really good shout.. the monitor thing.  basically if any of you have apple devices, download the app "Baby Monitor" to them both. Its £3.99 and as long as you have a device you can leave in the room with baby, ITS AMAZING!! i usually leave my iPad in his bedroom.

    it'S a video monitor, traces sound, you can talk to the baby through the monitor if s/he stirs, a night light and plays lullabies! I swear it's the best thing and saves spending a fortune if you can avoid it! if you have a night off you can also connect through 3G and see baby.. I loved this part when I went out a few weekend ago!😍 Amazing technology!

    this is what it looks like:



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  • imagethis item has been a life saver we fill it up with boiling water at night and make a bottle with 4 ounces of just water then whenever lyra waked for a feed we would top it off with this and it would make a perfectly warm bottle for her we also used this whenever we went out aswell... Its like a cheaper version of the prep machine but you can use this anywhere as the water stays warm for hours

  • I wouldn't say this is necessarily what you're looking for, but it was such a great idea for us; we bought nappies and baby wipes/nappy bags everytime we did a shop, or if we saw some good offers on. We bought all different sized nappies so we were well prepared for when the baby arrived! I reckon a lot of people do this already but we didn't start doing it until quite late in the game, wish we'dve known sooner!

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