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Should I be worried

my daughter is 16 weeks old and I had her weighed this morning and she is 12lb 12oz and on her chart she's just below 25th centile I've noticed she's been dropping slowly every time I've gotten her weighed recently, my health visitor doesn't seem worried but I'm not sure if I should go and see my gp.

here is a pic of her chart 



  • How much feed is she taking? It could be she needs a bit more. If you have begun weaning then this too can see weight loss to begin with while they adjust to the different texture. At present she is not 'underweight' so they won't worry just yet. If you are concerned though, a chat with your GP about baby's diet won't hurt 

  • She has 4oz every 3 hours but she sleeps all night I'm just wondering if I should maybe try dream feeding her once through the night to see if that helps. I havent started weaning yet 

  • Hello hun, my little one jeot following the linr then slightly dropping but she was 9lb13oz born, and had a cows milk allergy. And would vomit after every feed!

    you  could go to see the gp it will rest your mind and they'll give you advice or  maybe refer you to a pediatrician but at least it will be peace of mind for yourself  xxx 

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