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Spain in August with a 6 month old - am I mad???

Hi folks,

Just looking some advice from folks who might have done this!

Our first baby is due any day now, and we're considering a holiday in August before I go back to work. We have to option of going to a villa in Spain with family, but would love to hear from people who have done holidays with a young child during that time of year when it's hot. Or am I nuts for even considering taking a baby away at that time? 

My thinking is that having a villa would be a little easier than a hotel room - air con/fans as we want, fully functionig kitchen, terrace and porch if we want to sit out, pool close by and shops, restaurants etc within walking distance though we also have the option of a car whilst there. 

But I've already had the 'you're taking a newborn baby, it will be so hot; are you sure you've really thought this through' comments from family, so am in a bit of a dilemma.

Any advice appreciated :)



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