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What baby stuff do I need to get?

I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and I think it's time I start sorting out what I need. However, this is my first pregnancy and I don't have am awful lot of money.

Any lovely mummy's out there that can help with a list of things that are needed, and also a list of things that are OK to buy second hand please? Any help would be appreciated greatly xx


  • Hi Happygirl1994, congratulations on your pregnancy! We thought you might find our Birth Clubs helpful - just pick the month you're due and you can get chatting with loads of other women due the same time as you - they will more than likely be able answer your question. 

  • hey chick 

    I think I bought most things second hand the main things they say you need brand new are the cot matress and your car seat. 

    I bought pram second hand, highchair, steriliser.. i got the car seat off a friend so I knew it hadnt been in any accidents..

    You don't need an awful lot when they are born especially if you're planning to breastfeed. Boobs and babygrows.. car seat and pram.. 

    take a box of pre mixed little formula bottles into hospital in case the baby won't take to the boob

    check out apps like shpock gumtree and eBay to grab bargains! 

    Don't buy outfits really cos all they wear is babygrows.. I've only started dressing her in the last few weeks really and she's 5 months 

    hope this helps 

    pm me if you need anymore help xx

  • Hiya 

    Like above, I dont think theres much you can't buy second hand! Personally, I would always buy a new car seat as these are really important and you need to know it hasnt been in an accident, but prams etc - as long as you are happy with the condition theyre in then you can pick up some bargains! 

    This is my first baby so I dont have a list of 'must haves' or anything, and we have ended up buying (or some has paid for us!) a lot of stuff new. But I have had baby clothes bundles for £5ish from local selling pages on Facebook, a play mate for £10 that was still selling in Mothercare for almost £60, a moses basket that was in new condition for much less than half the price it was still selling for... Some baby things barely get used before theyre too small, or baby just doesnt like it, so people want to get rid in order to make some more space around the house! Take advantage of that and get some good deals! 

    Like I say, make sure you are happy with the condition before you hand over any money otherwise you might later regret it. But we have had some really lovely stuff that we would have brought anyway, just at a small fraction of the cost! 

    In some areas local organisations put on 'nearly new' sales - like a car boot but just for baby things. I went to one last weekend and there was so much lovely stuff (but my husband stopped me getting too much because I'd have gone OTT!) Check out local mum groups to see if they know of any, and keep looking at local selling sites. 

    Good luck with your baby x

  • Thank you ladies :) xx

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