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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in January 2017 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (at least we think you all have now!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in January 2017 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born January 2017), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 

And to kick this thread off, we've got a lovely little treat to send to everyone who joins this thread in the next week or so, so get posting! 




  • Welcome to the World Fareeha, Hannah and Heather, Mummy2Roo's little girl, Naomi, Mia, Lyra Elodie, Jenson Harry, Kai, Kehlani, Jessie Beau, Lyla Byrne and Alex Terence. 

    Please do let us know if we've forgotten anyone! It's wonderful to have you here. 

  • Hey, 

    This is cute.. thank you Danielle. Hope all babies are doing well. Fareeha doesnt settle much at night I think she has wind so have been giving her small amount of fennel water to help things along and she has had some pretty huge explosions in her nappies 🙈

    She likes to sleep more during the day and feed at night. 

    I sometimes co-sleep as its easier to breastfeed lying down. 

    Anyone else breastfeeding? 

    I'm personally falling into depression so my health visitor is referring me to healthy minds group. She is visiting me today so will see what she says. 

    Fareeha is 7 weeks today. Eek. 😊

  • Yay love this group! 

    Cant believe fareeha is 7 weeks already! 

    I'm combination feeding Jenson. I was breastfeeding but he was just too hungry and I was struggling. It got to the point I was starting to dread him waking for a feed and would sob the whole time feeding him. It's so much better now I'm doing some formula top ups but I do feel really guilty that he's not solely breastfed anymore. 

    He also sleeps like fareeha, great during the day, rubbish at night...he just likes to eat! Lol 

    i can't believe how quickly they change, Jenson looks different everyday and has now perfected his grumpy old man face! 

    Hope everyone else is doing well xx

  • Awww where does the time Go! 7 weeks has flown by. 

    My little girl suffered from wind (colic) she would scream and be unsettled every night at the same time. I was at my wits end and used to cry with her. I found gripe water amazing for wind but not sure how old they have to be to have that.

    Kai is 2 weeks old today! It makes me emotional how quick it's going. He is such a good baby though. He has a feed at 11pm and that's him until 7am. I know they say they shouldn't go long periods of time but my little girl was the same and I'm one of those mums who believe in not waking a sleeping baby! haha. He rarely cries and is just a really content little boy. So I feel really lucky. I formula feed. 

    Hope everyone's okay and enjoying motherhood! x

  • Alex is the same. Have been giving him a combination of bottle and breast since the hospital because his blood sugars were low after he was born. No need to feel guilty as long as he is fed. Hope you feel better soon Daisy. Make sure you talk to someone and take care of your self

  • Hello everyone

    what a lovely thread, we can all share our motherhood stories and see how all the babies are getting on.

    Lyla has been great she's lost a fair bit of weight though since she was born she's 15 days old and now weighs 10lb and she was 10lb 15oz but she's feeding well and sleeping, she's startjng to hold her head up and is really strong 

    how is everyone finding new mummy life? 

  • Hey ladies,

    I combi feed too as this is what she did to start life off, & then when she was in nicu they formula fed her as i wasnt there all the time. I bf her when i went to see her and expressed a bit for night time feeds there. I wasn't expressing much and still am not expressing so not going out much either. Im trying to cut the formula out but in the evenings she doesn't settle at all until she's had a full bottle of formula. 

    Im on this bf page on fb and they hate formula lol. I said on it the other day that my girl wont settle until she's had a bottle of formula and a lot of the ladiesrrplief thats a myth bla bla tried it one evening...i didn't do anything else apart from breastfeed her n she was still crying after having long feed. But shes a cutie so i let her cry sometimes lol. 

    I'm ok eglew, have spoken to health visitor and she has referred me to a healthy minds group. Even though I'm a mother for the 2nd time i still feel lonely and isolated... but on tje road to getting out more etc.  


  • Hello great to see all the updates. The twins turned 2 months old on Tuesday they now weigh 8 and 9 pounds. They both have gass at night , Heather also has acid reflux and has started medication twice a day. She was screaming during her bottles , arching back , crying while eating and not settaling. Has helped probaly 50% better. They get formula as my milk supply did not increase I can not wait till they sleep more then 2.5-3 hours a night! 

  • Daisy87- if it's any consolation I'm feeling the exact same at the mintent my HV is reluctant to do anything as she still thinks it's baby blues and after my traumatic birth it's normal, my OH has got leave from work to help. I hope you are okay and I'm here to talk also 

    high hopes- aw I hope poor heather is okay. Lyla is having an awful time with her wind at the moment it's horrible then being in pain and not being able to do much! They are at great weights though.

  • How is everyone getting on? 

    My jessie bear is 2 weeks old today I cannot believe how fast time is going. 

    she has me awake all night (night owl🦉) and seems really unsettled and constantly hungry. I'm sure she has bad wind as I'm up all night winding her - anyone got any tips? I lirly want to cry with her as the no sleep is getting to me. I bath her every evening and trying to stick to a routine, but it's taking ages for me to settle her... 


    Here she is the little sleeping beauty... she sleeps perfect during the day GRRRHHHH 


    Did sugar have baby? 


  • carly- Lyla is a very windy baby too me and my OH tried in it's suitable from birth and works a treat we give it to her right before her bottle not every bottle as she doesn't always need help, she isn't too keen on it but I have a fussy missy who knows what she likes already 🙄😂 this helped us and my HV recommended boiled water cooled down! 

    I hope this helps :)

  • That was supposed to say INFACOL it's avaliable from shops and boots!

  • Must be really hard when they have colic! Alex is such a good little boy. Very hungry but that's not a bad thing. My stitches had been quite sore but much better now. 

  • Eglew- are they dissolvable or will they get taken out u had mine out about a week and it's much more comfortable 

  • Hi all, 

    Sugar Huge congratulations!! Lyra is lovely and what a nice name too. 

    Can't believe Mia will be 4 weeks old this Sunday. I'm breastfeeding, I give her occasional formula mainly if out and about. Nipple cream is a God send. Mia prefers to feed from the right so that poor boob gets it lol. 

    Likewise about the sleeping although she had a better night last night and really hope she does the same tonight. Had Mia weighed on Tues and she now weighs 6lb 6 (birth weight was 5lb 8).

    daisy87- 7 weeks already, wow! I hope you get some support for the depression. 

    Toni Wow kai is quite the sleeper! 

    From what I gather the night cluster feeds are normal although exhausting! 


  • Congrats again sugar! sounds like you had a tough time but well done for getting through it. It's all worth in when you have your little baby xx

  • Congrats Sugar - poor you going through the wars sounds a bit like my experience (not good) but at the end of it all we get to meet with our beautiful babies. Loving the name Lyra good name choIce. 

    baby Jess had me up 12,3am and 6am and she's just starting to settle now. I think she just has bad wind so I'm tryinf the infacol to see if that works. I feel as though she's constantly hungry and she's on between 3&4 ozs . Do up the formula or what? She likes her food :) 

    has eceryone given birth now then in our January chat? I think so ......... 

    i keep thinking about my herendous  I found it all a bit too much.. really I should just put it all behind me now but I get emotional when I talk about it to people.... perhaps it's just baby blues LOL 


  • Naomi had me up at 1, 5 and then half 6 last night. She had a bottle of expressed milk yesterday evening as we are trying to get her used to it prior to my parents having her for several hours next weekend.  Normally she is a bit windy but it doesn't bother her. After the bottle she was really unsettled all night and very unhappy :-( I am going to look at different bottles/ teats for when she does have bottles more frequently. 

    Naomi is a hungry baby too Carly, but I'm not sure about amounts or anything as she is exclusively breast fed. Is Jessie just on formula or combination?

    Sorry to hear you (and lots of other mums on here) are having a tough time mentally/emotionally. I am mostly over it now but I was overthinking and obsessing abiut my birth, and that was even after a lovely straightforward birth. These hormones and the lack of sleep are a bad combination :-(

    Here is my cheeky bubba attempting some press ups the urgent day hehe



  • Carly, I think it's quite normal what you're feeling but do keep an eye on it and ask for some help if it's getting too much. I felt really low after Jenson, I couldn't even think about the birth without sobbing And if I saw any photos of him with his tubes and wires it would just send me into meltdown! I am now ok though...I have the odd moment but they're getting fewer and farther between. It seems to get better as he neared 3 weeks old. I hope it eases for you soon too! 

    Bunny - that's a great pic of Naomi! She's lovely and strong! 

    Jenson had us up at 1, 4 and 8 today for feeds...that's normal for him. Hoping he will start going a bit longer soon though. 

    hope everyone has a lovely weekend...does anyone have snow?! ❄️☃️ Xx

  • Hey Bunny and Mili

    thanks for coming back to me. I think it's deffo the blues more so last week and I haven't been that bad the last couple of days. I think it's the rush of hormones, recovery down below and the lack of sleep combined just got to me. I'm feeling much mor positive in general but I just find the labour and brth a bit traumatising  To talk about , I had a really rough time but I should be able to park it and move on from it Now.. it's so irrelevant and beautiful Jessie is now here....

    ffs hormones have a lot to answer for don't they Hahahaha....

    bunny - Jessie is just on formula I tried breast but I was just so sore that I stopped a few days ago. She seems to like it but sheis just constantly hungry and reaching for food constantly. I don't know where she puts it all hahaha .. she was 2 weeks old yday I cannot believe how quick time Goes by... 

    mili - jenson is georgous bless him. When are they going to sleep for a bit longer I'm up every 2.5 to 3 hours GRRHHHHHH 😂🤣😂🤣

    i took Jessie to a newborn photo shoot bless her. I've got to wait 10 days for the pictures but some looked lovely. She's all wrapped up wearing little pink headbands Etc... I am totally lovely the pink and in my element 💗🎀

    yes I have a little snow ❄️ I'm from dunstable in Bedfordshire . Where u guys from 

    Carly xxx 

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