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Nappies leaking

Hi, I am hoping someone can help...  I have a 6 month old boy who pees a lot! During the day I change his nappy roughly every 3 hours but during the night this isn't possible as changing his nappy wakes him up. He only goes 5/6 hours before he wakes up and I change him again but he leaks through and is soaked. Every night I have to change his pyjamas and put a towel down so he can go back to sleep after his bottle and I am washing sheets every day. I have tried pampers, aldi, asda and sainsburys nappies and tried bigger sizes but nothing works. Has anyone else had this and found a solution???


  • May sound daft but are you making sure his willy is pointing down into the nappy? If it is pointing up or to one side this can cause unwanted leaks as it is directing the wee...

    Another thing is to check the fit around the leg once on, are the leak guards correctly positioned?...

    Other than these it is pretty much what you have been doing, finding the brand that works best for you (& most supermarket brands easily match Pampers)

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