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Teething Question

Hi all

My 8 month old boy already has his two bottom front teeth through and i think his top ones are now on their way, but he seems to be suffering so much more than he did with the first two - has anyone else experienced this?

As well as the usual extra dribble and chomping on everything, the poor mite also has a cold/cough and today he has had smelly diarrhea (7-8 dirty nappies as oppose to the usual 1-2) with black threads and mucous in it. I've read that the black threads could be banana (which he loves) but he's not had v much since Tues so being a first time mum i'm slightly worried it could be blood or something else. He has also been very cranky, sore bum caused by the diarrhea and howling in pain and nothing helps, he's off food that he usually loves and not had much milk as keeps chewing bottle teat.

He is usually such a happy soul and I hate seeing him suffering. Do these sound like standard teething symptoms? I'm thinking about taking him to GP tomorrow just to be on the safe side if it continues, even if they think I'm a worrier!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😃


  • Teething can make their saliva more acidic meaning nappies can be more likely to irritate the skin. Cold/flu symptoms are also common with teething as are red cheeks.

    There is no harm in getting GP to check the nappies for peace of mind but it does sound like teething symptoms 

  • Thanks KazzieM, he's woken up his chirpy self today but no sign of those teeth 🙈 his cheeks are still flushed but no diarrhea since 3am so hoping it's passed...if it continues today I may take him to docs for my own sanity! I'm suprised I haven't worn Google out with my constant searches!!

    Thanks again for your response, have a lovely day 😃 

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