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Nappy Rash Quick Fixes

Hi all

Can anyone suggest a quick way to reduce redness or soreness for my baby's nappy rash? 

He has had diarrhea since Thurs caused by teething so every time he poos it's making his skin more red and raw. So far i've tried coconut oil, sudocrem, metanium, bepanthen and canestan. Has anyone had success with egg white? 

I'm concerned that the longer it goes on, the sorer it's becoming. Is there any foods I can feed him to counteract the acidity of teething saliva? He screams blue murder every time he poos poor thing. 




  • I would stick with the Metanium (slap it on really thick) and leave him, if you can on those disposable changing matts without a nappy on to air. 

    My sisterinlaw had this with her little girl and had to leave her nappyless which really helped. Also, no wet wipes - just damp cotton wool when wiping. Hope he gets better soon x

  • Thanks BobbiRae, i'm using cotton wool and water as thought the wipes are probably making it worse 😩 It's so horrible seeing him in so much pain but hopefully it will pass soon. 

    Lots of open air bum time tomorrow I think! 

    Hope your nice is over it now and thanks for the advice xx

  • my little one had a bad nappy rash a week ago and I just put her butt in the bath during each change then let her dry in open air then metanium.. took about 2 days to clear up! 

    Hope he feels better soon xx

  • Thanks HH88 - we seem to be making progress using the Canestan then a layer of vaseline, his bum is still really red but he's no longer screaming in pain every time he poos. 

    Glad your little one is on the mend, it's hard being a baby! xx

  • My little girl wasn't bad for nappy rash however as a nurse in a radiotherapy department  (picture similar red raw genital area and awful diahorreah) we give our patients aqueous cream and swabs for cleansing (the cream is used as a cleanser only not left on). And then we use a specific cream but ideally you want to avoid things like baseline and Sudacrem as this can effect the skins ability to heal. The chemist or gp can supply a barrier spray or cream called cavilon. It doesn't need reapplied every bum change and allows skin to breath and protects it from further damage. Some last between 24-72 hours before reapplication. Good luck x

  • Thank you MilliesMummyx that is really helpful - your poor patients must suffer so much 😕 I have ordered the cavilon spray it should arrive tomorrow so will try that out. Thanks again xx

  • I think the best treatment I have found for nappy rash is the asda brand nappy rash cream it's the best I've found and works fast image

  • Zinc and Caster Oil works great also.

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