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Ear rubbing and irritability... for the past 3+ months

Hi everyone,

I am at a loss so I am turning to my fellow mothers to get your opinions and expertise.

My daughter Ruby turned 7 months today. Since around 4-5 months she has been seriously rubbing her right ear. I refer to it as 'mashing' into her ear because of how hard she rubs it. Everyday is different. Some days, like today she is all into it and other days not much at all. Our pediatrician said "she's just discovered her ears." I am not convinced. There is a difference between flicking her ear (which she does) and rubbing it like she's trying to start a fire. 

Ruby has been a grumpy-hard-to-please baby since we brought her home and attributed this to her bad reflux. I thought when she started to be able to crawl she would get the independence that she seemed so desperate to have and be more content, but so far we just wail, cry and scream while we crawl - nothing has changed. 

What I have noticed more recently is she seems frustrated. Previously when I would change her on her table we would play and laugh, but more recently she cries (like something hurts), she kicks her legs furiously and she grabs and scratches at me.

Our GP and pediatrician say her ears look great and she looks good but I have to wonder if something is going on that they are overlooking. You know how they always act as though mums are overreacting, well I am not so sure anymore. I was told that 'I worry too much,' okay thanks!

Also to add, Ruby is medicated from her reflux and her two bottom teeth are up already. I have looked and felt and cannot feel or see any others coming through. Teething gels don't do to much.

Her persistent crying is quite draining and we have gone backwards with sleep. She use to sleep from 7pm to 6.30am every night with maybe one time where I have to get up and settle her. For the past month, I am up and down basically hourly, settling her, feeding her, rolling her back over etc. If I didn't work full time, it wouldn't be so bad but I am really struggling to remain optimistic with such lack of sleep. It is really affecting me and getting me so down which is effecting my relationship with my hubby. Please don't give me grief about working full time, I have no choice but she is with her grandparents when she's not with me. 

I really appreciate any advice that I can get.

Thank you in advance!


  • Teething. Ears, nose & throat are all linked so if baby has a sore mouth or throat they may tug at their ears...

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