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Is this normal? (Warning- poo pic!!)

My dd is now nearly 5 weeks old, and bottle fed. She is a big eater, and finishes nearly every feed without much trouble- apart from the odd case of trapped wind! She has recently started to struggle with her bm though, and is needing a fair bit of help to get her started (tummy massage, rotating legs to get bowels moving). Whilst I'm not too worried that it is severe constipation as she has not had any chalky white pebble poos and is still having at least one bm a day, I'm a tad concerned as to whether her poo is normal! It is reasonably hard (almost like tough play doh) and she seems to struggle to push it out when she tries, although she eventually does and does not struggle as much once shes started. Apologies for the graphic photo, I am a first time mum so was just wondering whether I should be very concerned or not! image


  • It is a part of their tummies learning how to digest food. Not very nice for us parents to go through though 

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