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February 2017 Babies


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in February 2017 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on. (We suspect one or two of you are still to give birth - but please do come on over and join in).

If you've not been part of the Due in February 2017 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born February 2017), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 

And to kick this thread off, we've got a fabulous aden + anais Winnie the Pooh print classic swaddle to send to everyone who joins this thread in the next week or so, so get posting! 


*aden + anais Disney baby classic swaddles RRP £15 per muslin, combines breathability and versatility with 100% viscose made from bamboo. The swaddles are perfect as a pram cover, burp cloth, nursing cover and more. 



  • Baby still hasn't made her appearance! She's obviously for too comfy in there, got consultant tomorrow so hopefully start to get somewhere! Xx

  • Oh MummySmith21, you thinking they'll book your induction tomorrow? We're so glad to see you on this new thread too! 

  • Mummy smith  I hope your husband is fully recovered and baby girl arrives safely soon! xx

  • Yes, husband is well on the road to recovery and feeling much better. Not sure what consultant will say, possibly just a sweep and book induction for next week xx

  • Good Luck mummysmith i hope you have your little girl in your arms in the next few days! 

    How are all the new mummy's doing? I can't believe Matilda is 1 week old already! It's gone so fast. 

  • imageHi ladies

    so Lucas is now 19 days old and loved very much by his big sister. Things are going great although adjusting to two is harder than I expected but we are getting there. Hope you are all ok xx

  • Hi ladies hope your all doing well and enjoying your little bundles of joy, Dylan is now 17 days old and we all feel like he's always been here bless him. Couldn't imagine life without him and he's idolised by his big brother and sisters. They all adjusted amazingly to have a new baby in the house couldn't ask for better kids!! Since I gave birth everyone has been poorly in my house though my eldest was ill for a week after Dylan was born and my other son was in hospital for 3 days as he got an infection in his lymph nodes on the side of his neck and had a massive lump. and to top it all of I have a sinus infection and burst eardrum!! So been fun and games!! imageimage

  • Aww congratulations everyone lovely seeing all the new babies and their new families x 

    Albie is 2 weeks and 5 days now and a happy little chap most of the time 

    can I ask people bottle feeding how many your baby has in 24 hours and how many oz too .. imageimage

  • Our boy Harry was born slightly early for this group (25th Jan) but this is the group we were always in and this is where we're staying :)

    Hard to believe he is 5 weeks old today and thriving - he weighed 11lb 9oz this day last week and is very long (his toes already touch the bottom of some of his 0-3 month baby grows!) We have some issues with trapped wind/colic but are managing as best we can.

    Unfortunately he has never been great at latching on so I'm expressing a bit but not as much as I would like so our feeding is a bit of a mixture of breast, expressed milk and formula. In terms of what he is eating, a bottle could be anywhere from 5oz to 8oz depending on how hungry he is and the time of day (usually more at night). He's a bit of a night owl but we're gradually getting him to sleep earlier after his late feed and he usually only wakes once during the night now which is great.

    Still can't believe he is ours, and wouldn't be without him xo 


  • All these babies are just device 😍 my little girl is 3 weeks old today and she's having a mix of my breast milk expression and formula. She has about 90mls on average every 3 hrs but can vary, sometimes only having 60 mls and sometimes 125mls it's not quite textbook 😂 

    Here she is image

  • Devine not device!

  • Thanks ladies 

    ALBIE is having 4oz every 3 hours but over last few days he seems to be hungry x to 

  • Awww all the babies are so gorgeous!!! We registered our little madam today, she is now official, Skye Willow Jackson-Horne, and can't believe she's two weeks old already! It's flying!! I have a milk monster too, she's feeding every one to two hours, but I'm breast feeding so don't know how much she's having. Tbh I think she's using me as more of a comfort, so going to try a dummy! image

  • It's so wonderful to see all your babies and hear how you're all doing - those early days with a newborn can be tough - how are you al handling the sleep right now?

    While we're here, we just wondered, if you have a child at school, did they dress up for World Book Day, and if so, won't you come and share a pic on this thread here? 

  • Whilst you know in your head newborns don't sleep, you know nothing until you actually experience it!! As first timers, when we got home from the hospital his daddy and I got about 2 hours sleep in the first 48! we soon learnt to 'tag team'. But it is getting easier, Harry is sleeping longer and we're now excited if we get a 3-4 hour sleep in one go at night lol 

  • Lovely to see all the new babies :) Congratulations everyone. 

    Don Matilda is 10 days old and has about 4oz every 2-3 hours so very similar to Albie. Every day she seems to be wanting a bit more.

    We are also getting in to more of a routine with sleep she had wind at first but after changing to Dr Browns bottles she seems a lot better. 

  • Hi all, it's so wonderful seeing all these new babies! To everyone that's posted here so far, please can you send me your FULL NAME and address via PM so we can start sending your gifts out. Thank you. 

  • Lovely photos ladies! So nice to see how the babies are all doing at home.

    Lyra is 23 days old today and is also a milk fiend. I'm breastfeeding so don't really know how much she's getting but she certainly feeds a lot. She is pretty much nocturnal at the moment - last night she cluster fed from 11-3, again from 5-7 and then fed again from 8-9. Its worth it though - we had her weighed yesterday and she has gained 9.5oz in 8 days. She's still quite small though, being just under 8lb at the moment.

    Here she is in her first "up to one month" sleepsuit.


  • So jealous of everyone having their babies! I'm still waiting, 3 days past my due date! Had a sweep done today so hopefully that helps trigger things! I'm booked in to be induced on 13th still so long! 

    Congratulations to all the mummies who have had their babies xx

  • I'm 5 days over Jazziiey, also had sweep today and 1-2cm dilated, nothing happening yet though. If no baby, then will be induced next Thursday! Can't come soon enough. Hope you're not waiting too much longer xx

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