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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine: have you checked yours? Please share your pics with us

Many of you may have seen the recent news stories about people finding what they think is ‘mould' in their Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine.

Obviously, we have no way of verifying that what people have found is actually mould, and we don’t know how widespread the problem is or whether it’s just a result of using the machine incorrectly.

But Tommee Tippee are taking all this very seriously, and want to hear from parents who have a Perfect Prep machine and may have found black deposits or any other kind of build up inside it.

We know that lots of you have a Perfect Prep machine (it’s hugely recommended on this Chat forum and has great write-up in our Reviews), so we’d like to ask you to have a look at your machine (you’ll need to take the front cover off) and see if you can see any black deposits or build up in yours.

Once you’ve had a lookplease would you share a picture of your machine on this thread here – whether you find anything or not?

We’d love to get some kind of handle on how big this problem is­ if indeed it’s a problem at all (we know at least one of you has already checked her machine and found nothing at all).

Thank you so much!

(We will of course pass on anything you show us, or tell us about, to Tommee Tippee. If you’d like to contact Tommee Tippee directly, you can call their Careline on 0500 979899.)






  • Hi Ive been using my machine for 15 weeks now and it's clean as a whistle! Always descale and change filters regularly


  • I've been using my perfect prep for 12 weeks; no mould over here🙅🏼 *pheeeeew 


  • image I've been using my machine for 13 months now!  All clear :-) 

  • Didn't get a pic as had done it before the thread but all clear and been using mine for nearly 6 months 

  • We discovered black deposits in the water hooper. Spoke to TT and they advised that this is a build of carbon deposits from the water filter which are harmless. Nevertheless they are sending out a replacement hooper and advises to run the cleaning cycle regulary. He was quite adamant that these deposits were harmless. 

  • I have a perfect prep for when baby arrives, but havent used it yet so cant comment! Just stopped by to see if a lot of people had issues or not, and am glad to see positive posts :-) Look forward to using mine now ha ha! 

    I also just wanted to say to Twinmummy - we have a water filter jug and often get little bits of black from the filter in to the water, especially when the filters are new in. I've taken to running water in to a bowl and giving the new filters a bit of a soak and a 'jiggle' to get rid of the worst of it before putting them in to the jug - which has helped a lot! Then I run it through twice and, since doing this, I've seen less and less black bits in the jug :-)



  • Checked mine & all clear!

  • I've been using mine for 7 months checked it and all is clear :)

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