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'I finally know what real love is, now I have a baby': do you agree or not?

Hi everyone, 

We’ve just read an interview with the British comedian Russell Kane, who's got a bit hot under the collar about people who say, ‘I finally know what real love is, now I have a baby’’.

Russell's take on this is that it's 'distasteful' because it implies you couldn't have had any ‘real’ love for anyone else, like your partner, beforehand. 

Do you get what Russell's saying?

Or do you actually understand what people mean when they say, ‘I finally know what real love is, now I have a baby'?

Please do come and tell us what you think – and why – by posting a reply to this thread.

We’d love to hear your opinion on this one! 


Picture credit: Stuart C Wilson via Getty Images


  • I think he's getting angry about nothing! And i have to say there really isn't any kind of love, like the one you have for your child. I get it when people say i know what real love is now - it's a different kind of love then how you feel with your partner - it's an overwhelming love, from the minute they are born. Zip it Russel! 

  • I agree with the saying. Yes I love my husband but I love my son more, and I would expect him to love my son more than me. It's a different kind of love. I don't believe I could fall out love with my son but could my husband. I know that sounds bad lol

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