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Won't leave private area alone

Please can someone help. My little girl has been going at (pulling/itching)her private area for several weeks now. I first thought she was just discovering but she is now getting quite upset when I try to stop her. When her nappy Is on she is also trying to get at it and is very fidgety and not happy at all. Been to docs twice and they have sent us away says it looks fine. What's everyone's thoughts? Some people say I should let her do it. But if I let her do that it would be red raw she has made it sore before. 


  • Did GP test her urine or swab for thrush? I'm not sure what the treatment is for thrush in children but might be something simple like that. Nappies are prefect environment for bacterial and yeast infections due to damp moist area. I'd say the fact she has been doing it for weeks it's more than discovering. Obviously it appears to be bothering her. Maybe try health visitor for advice is GP isn't much help. Good luck xx

  • Another thing common in kids is thread worm actually.  Which come out mostly at night but they cause severe itching and are difficult to fully get rid of as they love on clothes and bedding and towels etc.  Easily passed from child to child through touch. Especially if scratching.  Would need to try look into her back passage or check her stools for white/clear thready bits. Pharmacy can give medicine over counter for this if found x

  • How old is your daughter? Is she itching or touching (discovering as you say?). like Milliesmummy says, could be thrush or threadworms, but GP would need to check to for thrush - does she have any discharge when you change her nappy? Anything look out of sorts?

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