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Newborn baby struggling to poo: what did you do?

Hi everyone,

We’ve spotted in our baby clubs, that some of you with newborns have found your babies are struggling to pass their poo. 

If this is/was the case with your baby, can you share with us, and other new mums in the same boat, what helps – if anything? 

Please do come and let us know by posting a reply to this thread. We’d love to hear from you. 



  • We had this problem :( back and forth to the doctors and just got no help initially. We were given lactose which worked for about 2 days! Eventually we ended up in a&e One night after I could just not handle her painful cries any longer! Finally prescribed movicol paediatric and since then we have no problems! One sachet a day and everything's fine! 


  • Lovely to see your name pop up StephieLou, we hope Isabelle is good too! 

    We'd love to hear if anyone else has any tips?

  • No tips unfortunately ... we were going up to 5 days without dirty nappies. HV put us into he comfort milk for colic and constipation, though I still have my doubts about it being constipation as any dirty nappies when they came were always soft, sometimes even runny. Anyway, have been on the formula for almost 4 weeks now, he did start going daily (sometimes 2 or 3 times a day) but we've just gone 2 days with no dirty nappy, so I hope we're not back to the same problems again! 

  • i used to put an extra ounce of water in feeds my doctor told me this 

  • Cooled boiled water and my midwife told me to use warm water on a cotton wool ball and wipe it over babies anus..It worked wonders! 

  • My doc says its normal for newborns sometimes 5 days....when it comes its huge

  • This happened when my daughter was about three weeks old, no support from public health nurse so I switched formula and gave her a couple of ounces of cool boiled water a day for a couple of days and whenever she was chilling out lying down I 'bicycled' her legs :-) worked for us!

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