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  • Aww sharyo he's so cute. Look how far he's come.

    Going back to work won't be as bad as you think, you will miss him of course but it will be ok x

  • Hi everyone. Have you seen Dan Osborne's new tattoo of his kids on his thigh? It got us wondering, do you or your partner have any tattoos about your kids? If so, please do come and tell us about them here. 

  • Thanks Forever0lost, I know right. I’m just working myself up. Plus i booked him in the nursery at work so I can still check up on him while on break. So it shouldn’t be so bad

  • Sharyo I wish we had a nursery at work I could take Jackson to so he would be closer but we dont have one. 

    How is everyone doing ? Anyone doing anything fun ? 

    Has any1 started planning 1st birthday ? X

  • image we are good thank you.

     We havent done much planning for her 1 st birthday but her  outfit arrived today 😍🎀 have you?? 

    We also told our 3 year old were off to disney world 1st may and shes very excited harper got 2 outfits to wear aswell 😍🇺🇸


  • Paige, those outfits are the best! Utterly gorgeous! 

    Today on the forum - come and tell us about Baby Brain and what it has made you do. Just see Latest Post to reply.

    Also, don't forget we're offering FREE tickets to The Baby Show at ExCel London! See Latest Posts for how to enter. 

  • Hi everyone, sorry we're a bit late, but it's March! And as we’re sure you know all too well, it means your baby is likely to be turning 1 very soon (if they haven’t already) Hooray!

    This also means that this baby club will now be closing, but fret not! Here's your brand new March 2017 Toddlers thread! And, if you come and post on the new thread in the next week, we’ll pop your toddler over a little gift.

    Please do share some new pics, let us know how you’re doing, tell us about their first birthday or what you might have planned for it - we would love to hear your news, as we’re sure the other mums you went through your pregnancies would too.

    We really hope to see you over on the new thread. 

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