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  • Also,the move eas when Effie was 8 days old-not recommended!!🙈😂

  • Wow, yeah, moving go use at the same time as having a baby is pretty hardcore! That's great that you're getting out and meeting people though. I'm going to have to make sure I do the same once OH is back at work, and not just sit at home in my own little bubble.

    Getting some sort of routine going would be nice particularly with feeds and changes as I feel quite restricted in what I can do at the moment as Arthur really varies when he wants to breastfeed. And being able to her drive again in another 4 weeks will also help!

  • Aedie I finally got moved house the Friday before Jackson was born and that was good for keeping me busy while waiting for baby coming but it was hard going at the end for actual move.

    Lizzy0 I hope you can get some kind of routine and get out and about a bit more soon. 

    Just to let you all know Jacksons infection markers came down and his bloods are normal now and he is feeding well so we got home yesterday and it was great having our first night at home as a family. X

  • Aww so glad he got to come home :) enjoy every moment of having him home :) xx

  • I am enjoying having him home so much. It's hard to think just over a week ago he wasn't even born yet. 

    He had his first proper outfit on today instead of just baby grows 😀


  • Aww he looks so cute💙 Does he sleep well ? X 

    image Can't believe she's going to be 3 weeks tomorrow, time is going so fast. 🎀

  • Yea he sleeps well at night but wakes up more during day for feeds. 

    Aww she's gorgeous does she sleep well ? X

  • thats good then :) 

     yeah she wakes up more during the day too and lays there looking around. Which is good as we have to do her physio when she's awake in the day 🎀

  • How is everyone getting on with the babies? 

    Hope all going well x

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're all doing well and didn't scoff too many Easter Eggs! 

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  • Hi everyone, how are you all doing? We'd love to hear how those babies are treating you and if you've had enough of al the visitors already! 

    We wanted to let you know about a baby names thread we're chatting about today. We're asking, did you pick your baby name before you met your baby? Please do come and tell us over on this thread. 

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  • Hi everyone, we just want to send you out your baby gift as promised - if you could please drop me a PM with your full name and address, that would be great. Thank you! 🙂


    harper is doing well Thankyou, we've managed to get some movement back in her left arm in the last few days. i was so excited when I saw it 😂🙈🎀 

    how are you getting on with your little boy? 💙image

  • image

    h everyone,we are doing well,Effie is 7 weeks old today!Crazy!! How are you all? Great news about Harper's arm :) should she be able to regain full movement? 

  • Aedie she looks so alert 😍 Times gone so quick! 

    thankyou, hopefully she should do. We didn't think she would as she wasn't improving at all and then 3 days ago she just bending it a couple times and since then after her stretches she moves it quite a lot. So fingers crossed :) 

     how's everyone coping with night feeds ? Xx 

  • Hi everyone, Arthur will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and I finally feel that I'm starting to relax and get to grips with this parenting thing! Even the lack of sleep doesn't feel quite as bad (reckon I got a broken 5 or 6 hours last night which feels good!) 

    Paige, it can be a struggle to wake up for night feeds but we have a next-to-me crib so at least I don't have to get out of bed. Night time nappy changes are worse as I have to go to the next room and it wakes Arthur up more so he's harder to settle down!

    Arthur struggles with wind. Does anyone have any failsafe winding positions we can try??image

  • Oh he's gorgeous LizzyO 

     I'm lucky ATM Harper is very lazy so she wakes once in the night, so she'll sleep 9/10 - 2 or 3 and then sleeps to 7. Which is so good considering I have a 2'year old to also get up to at 7 :)

     the midwife showed me in the hospital laying them across your thigh and rub or pat there back is meant to work. I normally sit her up and rub her back or hold her to my chest so shes up by my shoulder and rub her back these normally work for us. What have you tried ? Does he have colic? Some times the bottles can make it harder to bring there wind up. xx 

  • I think he is a bit colicky yeah. I've tried all of those winding positions - it really varies which ones he'll tolerate and which will set him off! Hate seeing him go red in the face, straining and wriggling around in discomfort :( He's breastfed but really gulps it down presumably swallowing air at the same time.

    After our relatively good night on Friday, he wouldn't settle at all last night. Tired mummy and daddy today! Very jealous of Harper's sleeping Paige!

  • Have you tried colic drops you can get there meant to help with wind ? Maybe ask your health visitor she may no more since your breastfeeding 🙂 Xx

  • We've been giving him Infacol. Hard to tell if it's making a difference but I don't dare stop using it! Xx 

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