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  • Hi everyone, how are you all doing with those babies of yours? Have all the visitors died down now? 

    Could the following peeps please PM me their full name and address so we can send out your baby gift as promised:
    Thank you! 

  • Hey DanielleFM - we are doing good 😊 her arms getting more movement each day :)

    Lizzy have you tried rubbing his tummy gently. I sometimes do that with Harper she won't bring her wind up xx

  • That's awesome news about Harper, Paige - please do keep us updated! 

    LizzyO, I always used to wind my kids in this weird way which worked for us. If you want to give a whirl, this is how to do it. Hold Arthur out in front of you, under his armpits. Gently sway him from side to side - you want his legs to drop down, so he stretches out long, as much as possible. After a few minutes, pop him on your knee and do the back rub thing - hopefully when he has stretched out his legs, the wind will travel up a little better. Let us know if this works for you! 

  • LizzyO hope you get something that works for wind. We sometimes have trouble winding Jackson and other times he winds so easy. 

    Paige glad to hear harper is getting movement back in her arm hopefully she gets full use of it back. 

    Jackson is doing good still sleeping good at night and so alert when he's awake :) x

  • Thanks DanielleMFM, I will give that a go!

    Took Arthur to the weigh in clinic today for the first time. He hated it and screamed the place down! I'd been worried he might have not gained enough as his feeds often only last only a few minutes each side. However he's gone up from 9lb 6 a week ago to 11lb today!! No wonder my wrists have been aching from holding him! 

    Forever0lost - jealous of Jackson's night time sleeping! Still not so great here!

  • Don't worry about Arthur crying Lizzy - happens all the time! Wait until he pees while he's being weighed - my kids did this far too many times!

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  • Hi everyone, we hope you're all doing well. 
    We wanted to let you know about a new thread we're chatting about today. We're asking, if you have more than one child - when they were newborns, did your children look the same? Check out the thread for an awesome pic from one of the new mums in our Due in April 17 thread. You can find it right here. 

  • Thank you so much for the aden + anais swaddle that arrived today! It is gorgeous! Will try and put a piccie up in the next few days :)

  • Thanks so much for the Aden + Anais swaddle Danielle. we love it


  • Sharyo that's a cute picture. 

    I also got my Aden + Anais swaddle thank you so much. Will post a picture tomorrow x

  • Thanks forever0lost 😜. How are you and Jackson doin?

  • We are doing good thanks, he is growing so fast he was weighed on Thursday at 4 weeks and 2 days he is 11lb 11oz 

    How are yous getting on ? X

  • imageThanks so much for the Aden + Anais swaddle Danielle, Harper loves it. She's now going through a stage of needing something soft by her face to go to sleep and this is perfect!! 🎀 

     How's everyone getting on? 

     We had our first smile a few days ago and she's also started making a couple noices back when we talk to her 😍🎀

  • Oh we're so glad they are arriving! 
    And the pictures are awesome! thanks you all so much for posting them. 

  • imageAnd she's asleep 😂 

  • Forever0lost we are fine thanks. He's doing well. He weighed 12lb 11 last Tuesday😳 1sr set of immunisation is next wednesday😢

    Paige, Harper looks so super comfy in her swaddle😜

  • image

    Thank you so much for our swaddle, Effie loves it❤️ She had her first jabs last week,she was ok actually...I was far worse!🙈 

  • image

    Arthur likes his space so isn't so keen on being swaddled, but our gift will be a lovely light blanket for when the weather (hopefully) gets warmer! :)

  • All the babies are so cute with the swaddle blankets 

    LizzyO does Arthur lie with his arms up like that a lot? That's how Jackson likes to lie, if we wrap him up with arms in he keeps wriggling until he gets them out then puts them up like that x

  • Forever0Lost, Shawn does that too...even from his scans. His hands are either on his face of by the side of his head😜 Lol

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