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  • Nothing better than seeing our babies laugh even on the darkest of days❤️imageHope you and your babies are all well xxx 

  • Hope everyone is getting on OK.  

    Jackson is doing good but getting so big. He was 7 weeks yesterday he got weighed on Thursday and was 12lb 8.5oz and was 61 cm tall most of his 0-3 months clothes don't fit him now. But he's just so amazing it's hard to remember life before him 


  • image  Harpers, got her jabs tomorrow hopefully shell be fine after :)

  • Aww hope she's OK after them, I'm dreading when Jackson has to get his 

    She's so cute :) x

  • Thankyou :)... she had her jabs this morning and my poor baby has been crying most of the day. Think the heat isn't helping either xx

  • Congratulations on your win Paige! (Hoping you've found the email from us?)

    Hi everyone, we're just wondering as it's so hot out there, what are you dressing your baby in during the day and at night time? Please come and tell us on this thread here! 

  • Thankyou Danielle MFM I just found it :), going to get Harper an activity chair since she can't use the door bouncer or jumperoo my sister gave us because of her arm :). Xx 

  • Hey Guys, how are you all getting on? Harpers now 10 weeks old and has slept through the night for a whole week 😍 image

  • imageimageEvelyn is three months old on Saturday...I cant believe how quick it has gone! she's been waking once a night since she was two weeks old...was hoping to get rid of that one feed but no luck yet...that's just me being greedy though!lol. She is 12.12lbs now and has just discovered what her hands do! She is forever sucking her hands! Now she's a bit older though I'm super paranoid i'm not doing enough with her! I lie her on her activity mat and put her in her bouncy chair...rattle and wave things in front of her face and talk and sing to we try to go to a class a day...I just don't know what I should be doing with her! I don't want to overstimulate her or end up with a baby who cant entertain herself but I also dont want her to be bored! (Sorry just realised I went on a bit of a rant!🙈) 

  • I love her headbands 😍😍... harpers now getting bored, she doesn't want to be laying down anymore, she loves being talked to now and try's to communicate with her own noises back. 

     I don't think you can really do much more then your already doing. Xxx

  • Aww both girls are soo cute. And look like they are growing well.

    Aedie it sounds like you are doing all you can.

    Jackson is doing good, he was 8 weeks on monday he was last weighed at 6 weeks and 3 days and he was 12lb 8oz then I have no idea what he weighs now but I know he's got heavier. 

    He has never really liked being left to lie for to long he's so nosy he wants to look around all the time and see what's going on. He has a little teddy elephant head rattle that straps around his wrist that he likes when he's lying without being entertained. He likes his swing and bouncy chair. He also likes to look at things that are colourful .


    Teddy elephant head in this picture 

  • Awww they all look so grown up!!

    Charlie is 11 weeks tomorrow & loves being say up so he can nosey! He's gone off his plat mat so we bought him a jumperoo - it takes over half the house but he LOVES it! i can highly recommend it for nosey & active babies 😊😊 I thought the be too lilittle yet but hes absolutely fine in it xxx 

    Oh & Lamaze to hand & foot rattles which are good too! 


  • Forever0lost he's so handsome, Harper also likes bright colourful things to stare at when Freya is watching Mickey Mouse they lay on the floor and watch it together. 

    Amy881 - I think he looks perfectly fine in there. He seems to be holding his head really well. We can't put Harper in one of them so we brought her an activity chair. Might get my boyfriend to build it for her tonight for her and see how she gets on xx 

  • I really want to get a jumperoo for Jackson and he holds his head up on his own has done for weeks but as he's not 9 weeks yet he's still young even though he's quite big and rather stable with his head. 

    Thanks paige 

    What's harper's activity chair like ? X

  • That looks like it will be fun for harper to use and looks like a good price as well :)  

  • How are you all getting on ? 

    Jackson had his first set of jags today and the poor wee guy isn't himself at all he just wants to sleep loads and everytime he wakes up he crys and seems upset. Just wish I could do something for him 

  • Hi Foreverl0st, how was your night with Jackson post jabs? 

    Hi everyone else too, we're just wondering, when you were pregnant, if you suffered morning sickness, were you ever sick somewhere awkward? Please come and tell us on this thread here - we'd love to hear from you! 

  • GGot on alright last night with him. By about 9pm he started to seem a bit more like himself then about 11pm he went to sleep and only got up once for a feed during the night (he sometimes does that anyways and sometimes sleeps all night) and he's back to his cheerful self today x

  • That's excellent Forever

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