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  • Aww Forever0lost - Harper was the same for hers. She was so up set all day after them. 

    Glad he's started to feel better. It's definatly not nice when you can't do anything to help them xxx 

  • imageEffie is finally getting a hang of tummy time! 

    Looking for some advice ladies, Effie is 15 weeks on Saturday and has developed a tricky little habit... she will literally only settle at bedtimes for me, if my OH tries she screams like I've never heard before! We tried to ride it out a bit last night (please don't judge me we have tried everything) but I ended up taking over as she was getting so upset :( she settled for me pretty much straight away! Any advice ladies? i really want her to settle for her dad and he's getting so disheartened. Is this just a phase?x 

  • Aedie it's nice to see Effie getting used to tummy time. 

    I don't have any advice on getting her to settle for her daddy as we are having a little issue with that... Jackson doesn't often settle for his daddy either but it's usually because he just wants to smile and play with daddy all the time  ( it's as if he thinks daddy is for play time and mummy is for sleepy time) 

  • image Best friends🎀

    good to see effie is doing well with tummy time 😍🎀

    I have exactly the Same problem as you ladies. Harper wont settle at bed time for any one accept me. She fine in the day, it's just bed time  she will fall straight to sleep with me. Even if my partner does what I do she doesn't want him. next time it's his time I might try giving him a top that smells like me to put over his chest and see if that helps her to get used to him settling her. He works weird shift so he's not normally here for either of the girls bed times ATM xxx 

    harper has now started to hit things with her hand when she's in her swing or on her play mat. Mainly using her bad arm, in so proud of her. Hopefully she'll be signed of next Friday with a full recovery 🎀

  • I think it must be really common for babies only settling at bedtime for mummy. 

    Great to hear harper is getting her toys and using her bad arm. Hope you get the news you want. Your girls are soo cute.

    Jackson is hitting his toys now to, he likes this one. 


  • Aww 🙈 He's getting so big!! 

    imagetummy time with a smile today x 

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're keeping cool in the heat.
    Today we're asking, if you were induced, please will you come and tell us about it on this new thread here? Thank you. 😊

  • Sign up to a judge in the MadeForMums Toy Awards 2017! 
    We're looking for babies and children, up to the age of 12 years old to test (and keep!) toys for the MFM Toy Awards. For your chance to be a judge, please visit this thread which will tell you how to sign up.  

  • Hi everyone!  I've just cone across these boards so I thought I'd sign up and say hi from myself and my baby Grayson who came into the world on the 17th of March. image

  • Hi Angeljojo007 and welcome. Congratulations on Grayson, he's gorgeous and what a fantastic head of hair! Was he born with loads of hair? 

  • Yep he was indeed! All the midwives popped into check out his mop 🤣 It's steadily grown so I think it's time for babies first hair cut.. how the time flies.

  • Oh love his hair! It's wonderful! How are you finding motherhood? 

  • Hi Angeljojo007 - he's gorgeous and I love his hair😍🎀  is this your first baby xx

  • Hey Angeljojo007congratulations he's gorgeous can't believe his hair that's so cute. How is he getting on  ? 

    Paige how are your girlsearch doing ?  X

  • Hi Paige, yep first and only baby for us. Don't get me wrong it's the most amazing journey to be on but I don't think I'd cope with another baby or the horrible birth I had lol. He's a very chilled out smiley baby and I know how blessed I am for that  :)

  • Angeljojo007 - ahh! thats fair enough I've had two bad experiences with both mine and i won't be having any more either m

    Forever0lost : that are good thankyou. HARPER - got signed off by the physio yesterday saying she'd made a full recovery 😍 2nd set of injections weren't to bad either. FREYA- is currently potty training! It's been stressful but shes finally getting it. 😘 

     How Jackson getting on ? Xx 

  • Has anyone's baby started teething yet? I'm not 100% sure if Grayson has but he's very grumpy, drooling lots and isnt really taking all of his feeds (only finishing say half on some of them) oh and he's really into chewing on his fingers/dummy/bottle teat. HV isn't due for another 10 days so not really sure who to ask!

  • Paige that's great news about harper 😀

    Good luck with potty training lol.

    Jackson is doing good he's getting so big and so nosy all the time. We got him a jumperoo the other day and he loves it it's the best money I've spent so far 

    Angel Jackson has been teething from about 6 weeks not got any teeth through yet but we are starting to see a tiny white speck where it's going to come through . From the sounds of it Grayson is doing all the things Jackson does apart from the feeds Jackson is just always happy to have food though 

  • Hey :) Harper the same she's been chewing her fingers a lot and screams while she does it. Shes been doing this since about 8 weeks on and off. 

     My other daughter was like this till she was 8 months old so fingers crossed the get a tooth before then 🎀

  • Thanks For the replies! I thought I was just being an over cautious mummy and reading too much into it. I've started to put his dummies into the fridge as i don't think he would know what to do with a proper teething ring image

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