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Your baby and your pets: how do they get along?

Hi everyone,

We were wondering, if you have a baby and any pets, how do they get along? We’d love to hear if your pet adores your baby, or if it has gone the other way…. Maybe you have a dog who’s become super protective or your baby?

We would love to hear how your baby and your pet get along, and if you fancied sharing a picture of them, we would absolutely love to see them, so please do feel free to share by posting a reply to this thread.



  • When my now 3 year old was a few weeks old we got a kitten and 2 puppies and they all get on lovely 😊 my old cat who Ive had for 15 years so before children just stays away lol 😂 

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    i had my dog a few years before my son came along but they really are the best of friends (although they do sometimes argue over toys lol!). My son is almost two and we are welcoming a new addition in august but I have no concerns. If the dog gets fed up she generally finds a quiet spot to hide in and have a nap, she also goes in his room of a night or during the nap to check on him lol

  • We have two cats my nearly 6 year old terrorises them the female cat stays out of his way but the male cat is his best buddy and sleeps with him every night! image

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to say the pictures you've posted are awesome! Please do keep them coming! 

  • My cat isn't a fan of my 11 week old. She only just about now comes near him and sniffs him but she isn't interested at all 😂 

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    My view this afternoon with my daughter asleep on my lap. Shadow, our dog is so relaxed about life and snuggles up with us even if Naomi (3m/o) is screaming as loudly as she possibly can! Shadow has really taken to Naomi and protects her as if she were her own. Not that I would ever intentionally leave them in a room alone together! 😊

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    This is my furry baby and my neice. If you see one, the other is around 3 inches away image it's been like that since day one, and I trust Sax 1000% to be gentle and forgiving, and protective, just as he is with me, and I trust Carly equally never to be rough with him, and treat him with love and respect. 

    he talks, and she barks. It's like having twins lmao. 

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