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When did your baby sleep through? Please do come and tell us over here.

Hi everyone,

We’re wondering how old your baby was when they started to sleep through the night?

Not that it’s a competition, of course! We know each baby is individual and starts to do things in their own time – and that ages for sleeping though vary hugely.

We’ve just asked around our office, and while one MFMer swears hers were all sleeping through at 3 months (hmm!), another says she ended up hiring a sleep trainer at 9 months because her baby was still waking every hour...

So, we thought it would be fascinating to ask you all when your baby slept through the night?

And also how you define 'through the night'. Do you mean 6pm to 6am? Or 10pm to 6am? Or what?

Please do let us know about when your baby started sleeping through the night (if he or she ever has!) by posting on this thread.

We're sure it will make fascinating reading for all of us – especially anyone's who's concerned that their their baby's sleeping habits aren't 'normal' … 



  • Hi Danielle 

    My eldest son was the best sleeper out of my 3, he was sleeping through at 12weeks, although that was 20 years ago and on advice of health visitor I started weaning at 9 weeks old! how things have changed.

    My 5 year old daughter was a complete nightmare, she's extremely strong minded, I resorted to her sleeping with me and breast fed her for over 12 months, she hung off me all night, it was easier to sleep with no top off 🙈. I was fighting a loosing battle with her sleep patterns as my mother in law looked after her while I worked and allowed her to sleep for upto 2 hours per day! I was off work sick for 9 weeks before my maternity leave commenced in November, as soon as I broke up I took back control, kept her awake and on day one with no nap she slept through the night, about time to as she was 4 years and about to start school.

    My youngest is 20 weeks old, he's good in that he'll sleep for 12 hours, however he still requires 2-3 night feeds, he usually stays asleep why I feed him and change is nappy. He's such a laid back baby that I feel/ hope that when he's fully weaned he'll no longer need night feeds. fingers crossed any way as I coped far better with slerp deprivation when I was 18 😂

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