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Night light projector recommendations?

I'm looking for a projector that lights up my Los ceiling at night. We stopped the dummy almost 2 weeks ago and since then my wee boy is really struggling to relax and drop off to sleep by himself. I thought looking at the stars would be relaxing and help him drift off.

I've looked online but there's so many I don't know where to start. He is 2 but most seem aimed at little babies. I've seen one called pillow pets night lights but some of the reviews say the room has to be very dark to see the lights. 

I posted the other week about the gro clock (mainly to help him sleep a bit longer in the morning). But that's not helping at all so we'll persevere until hopefully it sinks in. 

Anyway, do any of your toddlers have these wee light up projectors you would recommend? X


  • I'm really happy with my Summer Infant slumber buddies Eddie the elephant that I ordered from amazon- they have different animals including a color aurora . I don't know what extra a toddler would need but this cycles through red, green and blue stars and projects really well onto the ceiling.

  • Aw kay kay let me know if it helps him.

    Im thinking of doing away with the dummy around christmas (hoping giving to the elves story will work!? Lol) 

    But worried this will trigger a nightmare for bedtimes! 
    If the light works for Matthew ill get one for Noah when the times come

  • We have the Chicco next2me nightlight on the twins cot bed. Plays selection of songs & projects through several colours starry night onto the ceiling. Lasts about 30minutes before switching itself off but reactivates with noise.

    Our 5yr old has both pillowpets glopet & dreamlite. Both can be programmed to switch off after 20minutes or remain on until manually switched off. The glopet pulsates a gentle glow (a bit scary as it darkens briefly before going bright again) while the dreamlite can both cycle through 3 colours or remain on a set colour. Batteries don't last long.

    Our 7yr old has a lullaby night cube & a laser sphere. The cube is similar to the twins night light but also has a 'Waves' sound you can choose in place of music. The cube also has bonus of being able to use battery or mains power. Laser sphere is mains powered but the whole family love watching its light show.

  • We have this one, I actually bought it for aurora (can you guess why?? LOL) but James loves it.

    Well done on the dummy! We still have it here at night, but as we've just cracked toilet training I am giving him a bit longer with it for sleeping. He hasn't had it out of the house for a year or so now...

  • I am using Cloud b Turtle Twilight Plush Nightlight & I am happy with it. Actually, I choose this light after reading hundreds of reviews from different website. You can look at this site as I find out very helpful.

  • I am using galaxy start light projector from conceptkart. It is very good for your child in sleeping. There are three modes for sleeping.

    The latest and most unique galaxy projector, which has 3 effects like Nebula, Aurora, and Galaxy. It has effects of colored clouds, shooting stars and 10 celestial objects. You can set any effect Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Moon, spaceship etc. You can change the light effects via app. The clouds float like ocean waves quietly under the night, allowing you to experience different and interesting starry nights. It can stimulate children's interest in astronomy. It helps children inspire curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

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