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5 month old not rolling, sitting unaided, etc

Hi all,

Im concerned about my baby girls development.

Shes 23 weeks (5.5months) old tomorrow. She isn't rolling. She hates tummy time although she can do it for a very short while. She can't sit unaided however she will sit in the bumbo and sit for a few seconds with the support of a breastfeeding pillow. She doesn't bring her legs and feet up in front of her face and therefore doesn't play with her feet or suck her toes. She will grap and hold her toes for a few seconds if I bring them up in front of her face. But i can't make her toes touch her face as she's not very flexible. She will grab and play with her feet when we practice sitting or when in the bumbo. She will kick with her legs. She's not a very chatty baby and haant really giggled yet. She chats the most first thing in the morning or after a feed when she's trying to be sick (she has reflux). She's smiles quite a bit tho. She's good at fixing and following and will lye on her play mat or in the jumperoo and reach and grab the toys, everything goes in her mouth! She's good at shuffling all the way to the bottom of her bouncer. 

Just after your insight and some reassurance as this is my first baby but all the NCT girls babies seem to be doing more.. the anxiety is eating me up.



  • Stop panicking. All children develop at different rates & while some may be sitting already at this stage most won't be until around 26wks old. Some babies will be babbling away while others prefer to wait until they have speech. Some will roll over & crawl while others will completely skip crawling to go straight to cruising along the furniture. It's still early days yet, your girl will get there in her own time. X

  • Thanks so much for the reassurance Hun. Really needed that. I do hope so xxxxxx

  • I have 4 children hon.

    My Eldest is 7 now - she rolled over from day 1 (had the midwife screaming that she hadn't touched her & she shouldn't be able to roll yet😂), started to babble at 24wks, never used a bottle but went straight to sippy cup at 4mths old, was sitting unaided from 27wks, started commando crawling at 8.5mths & a week later was cruising, teethed from 6mths onwards, walked a fortnight after turning 1...

    My now 5yr old - cut her first tooth at 9wks old (then waited until 9mths before the next 3teeth emerged all at once), rolled over at 4mths old, was crawling (all be it backwards to begin with) at 5mths, sat unaided from 5.5mths, babbled away from 4mths, was cruising at 8mths & walking from 10mths.

    My twins are now 22.5wks old.

    He is rolling over, he babbles, he proper belly laughs, he has excellent grip & has no issues grabbing & pulling things to his mouth, he still wakes for a night feed, he will stand for a good 20seconds with support...

    She is struggling to roll but getting closer, she babbles & 'sings', no laugh from her yet, she is closer to cutting her first tooth than her brother, she isn't quite so focused as he is, she does pull things to her mouth but her grip is less sure than his, she is better at sitting than him, she sleeps through...

    I promise you your girl will get there (& then you'll wish she would slow down 😂)

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