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Natural remedies for Reflux

Hi everyone, 

I'm a first time mum. My baby boy (7 weeks old) has reflux but in the last few days he has become more uncomfortable/painful. After each feed particularly in the afternoon, he becomes very grizzly and is writhing and crying in pain. I breast feed him and he is not given formula, I burp him frequently during feeds. He doesn't pull on and off breast frequently and as for now he is not rejecting the breast. He does occasionally vomit and possets a lot.

I have spoken to the GP about it and they have said to see if keeping him upright helps first before medication.

I have to admit i'm really not keen on medication but it's very stressful to watch as he's writhes in pain. I am keeping him upright for as long as I can and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions which is a natural remedy or at least something that is natural which they have found helps?

Please help.


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