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Cool skin and clammy baby's head and teething!

image Hello mums (and dads)

I just wanted to share about cool skin and sweaty head baby issue. My baby started to experience teething around 9 weeks but only mildly. A little extra drooling and biting. Although teeth cut through around 6 month mark- they can experience the discomfort of the teeth starting to come. Due to lack of evidence and studies to link teething symptoms you may find your doc /medical people play on the safe side or even deny teething symptoms. I'm not saying disregard a fever! Obviously call NHS 24 if in Uk and get advise if temperature remains high! Googling can be a curse but I hope I can help, cool skin to touch but sweaty/clammy often Is and can be a symptom of teething, it's the way the baby'a body deals with pain and is more common than I realise. Heart failure signs would be cool clammy- but also blue lips! So don't panic! Also they say SIDS is cool clammy-but still don't panic! so just ask yourself is my baby breathing okay? Have they got blue lips? Is there a temperature? Teething can cause highly acidic pee and poop so you may find a nappy rash, (sudocrem is magic stuff, a barrier for skin and will stay on the skin and heal a rash super fast and protect further issues, it won't effect the nappy absorbing if u use pampers protection) cool clammy head, pooping more/diarrhoea, as well as the typical things u read- rivers of drool, flush cheaks, biting everything it can, so obviously monitor its temperature as they can get fever like symptoms, I found a rise of 1 degree sometimes. Most digital thermometers show 35 degrees to 36 rise or 37 degrees to a 38. Please don't strip off your baby to nothing. If you do want to remove clothes wrap it in cotton sheet. A fever breaks by sweats so even a virus u could prolong the symptoms by worrying too much about high temperature. Obviously just maintain a normal dress style and keep an eye on that thermometer. If it raises above 38 or stays 38 (or 36 if your normal reading on self is 35) then call a professional! It might be a virus, but if your baby is close to 3 months old it's highly likely it's a teething fever. (You might not even get a temperature rise just the sweaty head!) ask many mums! Just stay calm and don't freak out like I did if u feel your baby gone cool and clammy. I think it's important to know there are weird teething symptoms as I didn't know this could happen! make ur baby comfortable, give calpol to help with pain or high temperature, keep a good eye on regular armpit temp readings, pop them in cotton light clothing or sheet but don't try to make them too cold. Don't panic, breath. Look at the soft spot too to see if it's raised up or normal, if normal no worries, if raised call medical personnel. just wanted to share a post about teething sweats, not all babies get it, and I didn't find much on it at first. But it is normal. You also might find some days (or nights) they sleep longer to recover from pain/ growth spurts and fevers, a lot mention the lack of sleep but not many mention the sleeping more than normal. If u have any instinctive concerns or want reassurance please do seek help, don't rely on my post, but it's just to put some of you's minds calmer that yes, teething can cause cool clammy heads!anyone else had this please feel free to share your experience of it! May your babies all be happy healthy always! 

You all know to seek medical help if you are worried. This post is just to share my experience of random weird teething symptoms! 

All the best to all of you. 


  • Hello Everybodyimage

    I hv 34 wk old ds n he's been same as you mentioned above sweaty head, drooling and nappy rash. I was thought thats a bit weird coz i never experienced these teething symptoms with my other two kids. I was searching online for answers n i came across your post. Thank goodness coz it was sending me doolally image thinking whats going on, been to doctors several times but no definete answer. Nothing seems to work with him i hv tried freezing the teething rings/keys, carrots, teething gels, granules & giving him cold water in sippy cup! He is crying like theres no tomorrw, then feels absolutely knackered poor boy image 

    I have Rheumatoid arthritis and finding this bit very hard. He has gone very clingy n i can hardly hold him due to my condition. 

    Thanks for the post or I would still be searching the web.image

  • Thank you so much for your post! You just calmed my mum hysteria. It’s the first time my Bub has seemed sick with sweaty, clammy skin and google told me it was SIDS or Heart defect 😥 The teething makes so much sense because she has been dribbling and munching as well. I wish this post was higher on the google page because I was very grateful for it. 
  • Yes I had the exact same experience/freak out tonight. Thank you so much for this post!!
  • Boy oh boy i was going crazy, my baby son is 4 months old, and last week we had also the vaccination, he started getting really strange symptoms and for no reason. I went to the doctor and emergency room cause i was really panicked, no answer to what should it be only to monitor him.he is sweating a lot but his skin feels cold, he is angry and fussy, about the poop i cannot say cause he had rotavirus vaccin and that gives watery poop as well.i can see one of his teeth broke through amd i think the next one follows cause he look happy i mean when he is not fussy he smiles and grabs my hands and he is eating. I'm done with google cause i didn't sleep in three days and i'm anxious i found only the worse things that can happen. Thank you so much maybe i'll try to sleep tonight. 
  • Thank you so much for your post on the night sweats and teething. Google is thee worst for a worried mama! My baby is 13 months and I was a little shook up when his pillow was damp. He has been teething and drooling. It's now 5:20am here in Texas (USA) and because of your awesome post I can now fall asleep. Thank you so much again! Take care and be safe!
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