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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in April 2017 Birth Club who have almost all given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's still a few of you to have your babies, please come on over here) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in April 2017 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born April 2017), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 




  • imageThought I'd start 😕 this is Blake this morning he is 3 weeks 4 days can't believe it a month old Saturday going so quickly he is good at night wakes up between 2am and 3am has bottle thats it until 7-7.30 am so getting enough sleep , do excuse the dummy in the picture he had moved it himself 😊

    Cant wait to hear how everyone else's little ones are Xxx

  • imagethis is April 3 weeks 1 day.... lyc what a cutie xx

  • She's gorgeous Scarlett beautiful eyes X

  • Is anyone other than bubbamumma waiting to have there baby? I really hope you don't have much longer to wait bubbamumma.

    I'm loving having Thomas home. Breastfeeding is improving and I just love being a mammy. Aren't we all so lucky?! I hope all mammy's and baby's are doing well.


  • Hi Mrs B, we're so glad you're home. We think MrsD85 is still due but not heard from her in a while so we're not sure. And deffo bubbamumma1 too. But we think that's it! 

    Gorgeous pics of the babies ladies, they really are! 

  • We managed the last two nights with no colic! This Is the first time since she's been born that she's been this settled! A couple of days ago we switched her formula to aptamil comfort, which has been amazing! Definitely recommend!  Unfortunately infacol made Mia bunged up bless her . Hope everyone is well

    Such beautiful baba's!


  • I think Mrs D has already given birth to baby Hope a few days before Thomas was born 😊 xxx

  • Hi everyone, hope you don't mind me posting/ joining. I had my little boy oscar on 11th April. Was due on 31.03.17 after only finding out at 33 weeks. But after a long induction and labour not progressing fast i had to have a c sec. Here is a recent pic of oscar from yesterday xx

  • Abc139, we are SO glad to hear from you - you were in the Due in Sept 17 thread. We're so happy to hear your son arrived safe and sound - but looks like your pic didn't upload, will you try again? 

    Also, we have to say this is the loveliest group of ladies here - you're in good company. 

  • There he is for some reason it didnt load. Yes I found out at 33 weeks when I only thort I was 8 weeks. very short pregnancy but wouldn't change it for the world.

  • Wow short pregnancy 😳😳 you must of had a shock !! I wanted my pregnancy to go quicker towards the end but not that quick lol He is a cutie Xxx

  • Thanks Mrs B, think I must have missed MrsD's birth announcement. 

    bubbamumma1, how you doing today? 

    And how is everyone coping with the visitors? Hope you're feeling you can say no to people! 

  • Hello everyone! 

    Hello Abc Oscar is beautiful. 

    Sorry struggling to keep up with all your posts. Actually got some sleep last night so feeling human again. 

    All your babies are so beautiful! Aren't we all so lucky. Has bubbmumma had baby yet? I feel like I have missed a load of posts.

    Hope you are all doing well! First night with Lily wasn't easy. Husband sat up with her for 3 hours and settled her down while I slept. 

    Then we swapped, she actually settled in the Moses basket for 3 hours after that so was very proud of her. 

    Really hope everyone is ok. Got a few visitors today. Put them off yday, only having 3 people today. So doing little waves of people hopefully won't get too much. How is everyone coping?

    Here she is today..



  • Jan! Your little Lily is just perfection! I remember my husband and i doing shifts of sleep - it does help for sure. We're still waiting from bubbamumma. 

  • Quick reminder - if you've not posted your birth story on this Big Birth thread, please do and we'll send you a little a gift. If you have already posted your birth story, please make sure you PM me your name and address so we can send your pressie! 

  • Oh ok thanks Danielle. Looking forward to hearing from her. 

    Haha yeah she looks like me when I was a newborns. My sister and I had loads of jet black hair when we were born, the midwives couldn't believe how much hair she has.

    They were brilliant though. I couldn't fault the midwives on anything. Absolutely amazing ladies.


  • Thank you Danielle for our present ! We love it! I can't wait to start our journal x 

  • Jan - Lily is a cutie and that hair is amazing! 

    ABC - crazy that you thought you were 8 weeks, but in reality had 7 weeks left! How did you prepare and get over the shock? 

    I'm still here and still pregnant! Currently 10 days overdue and exhausted! Got in to bed on Tuesday night and started feeling pains - monitored them and the went from 40 ish mins apart to between 8 and 11 mins apart by 7am yesterday morning. Called labour ward, but they didn't want me there until they were 5 mins apart. Took paracetamol and had a bath, the contractions fell to about 25 mins apart and then faded to around 1 an hour. Went to bed last night, by midnight there were back to between 7 and 12 mins all night - so no sleep again. They are very intense and I'm in agony, but can't go to labour ward until they're 5 mins apart, or until my scheduled induction  tomorrow morning :-( At this rate, I'll be so tired tomorrow morning that I'll just be in tears when I get there... 

    It's lovely to hear everyone else's experiences with their babies, so trying to focus on those rather than my body not wanting to let this little one out! 

  • bubbamumma1, we are so glad to hear from you - from what you describe, it really does sound like baby is on their way though. Hang in there, we are all rooting for you! 

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