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7 month old really loose stools and red bum


my daughter has really loose stools at the moment as is going to toilet at least 6-7 times. As a result her bum is really red. Does anybody have tips on how to get rid of it and what is causing it? She has always had constipation so this is a shock! 


  • That sounds like diarrhoea - your little girl may have a tummy bug. Make sure she gets plenty of fluids and i know it sounds impossible, but put loads of Metanium on your daughters bum and leave her nappy off as much as you can (i put those throw away changing matts on the floor and left my baby on it without her nappy.) 

    If she's still got the runs after say 3 days, i'd visit the GP. Also, if she's off her food, try and give Diarolyte with water - if she doesn't take it, give via syringe. 

    wish your little girl better x

  • Thank you will get some cream. Yes she is in bed at the moment without a nappy. No she isn't off her food and no sickness. She was on movicol for constipation but I have stopped that. It has been for two days now so if no better I will ring my Gp Tomorrow. Many thanks

  • You've done the right thing stopping the Movicol for now. I honestly swear by Metanium for really sore bums - also meant to say, try not to use wet wipes at the moment - if you can wipe with those big cotton wool pads and water, that would be better too until the redness dries up. 

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