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Faint line help!!!!

Hello!! I have recently had my implanon out. Now this is where it gets weird. So last month my partner and I had unprotected sex I have had my period in half a month. But my periods were irregular on my rod. Now it's only been five days since my rod removal. And I've taken a pregnancy test for a laugh and as it was the last one I had I didn't want to have worry about it or think about it. i know that's weird😂 So I got a pretty big shock when a second line showed up straight away and hasn't gone away either. It's so so faint I could have sworn I was crazy. But it first caught my eye so well that I had to run to a window and check it wasn't bad lighting. Now If I'm crazy that's okay 😂 I've asked a few friends who have children and they say they can see it. But I think the timing is all wrong. And to add to the crazy pot, I had a hcg. Blood test done the same day my rod was removed and it was negative 😂😂 my partner and I have had protected sex since removal. If not possible then I'm disappointed but we want to try for a baby in three months anyway. I just want to make sure I'm not. And I've read up on evaporation lines and false positives etc. but if it was an evaporation line it would have been out of the time frame and this came up straight away. 

coud it be possible ? Sorry for the long story. See photos attached! 


  • As the pic is black and white it is hard to tell if the line has any colour to it. I think it's more than like an indent line but your only way to tell would be to test again in a few days time with first morning urine. I don't think it is positive sorry

  • Just looks like the indent line to me am afraid - the FRES ones are really prominent - particularly the newer ones.

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