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Holiday with a 9 month old baby - what should I take?

Has anyone got any good tips on what to take away on holiday for a 9 month old baby please? image


  • it depends on where you're going as you can get loads of stuff at supermarkets if you need, if you're going to somewhere like Spain.
    I would take lots of fruit pouches and snacks. 
    Loads of wet wipes, factor 50 suncream and a hat for the baby.
    swimming nappies, normal nappies and nappy cream. 
    Take Calpol. 
    A muslin or something thin to drape over the buggy when your baby naps.
    Bibs. Loads of changes of baby clothes. 
    One of those baby swimsuits with inbuilt floats. 

    I must have forgotten loads of stuff, but hopefully this will help. x

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