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Was your baby born with loads of hair or not? Please come and share your pictures here!

Hi everyone,

When you give birth to your baby, it seems to be a thing that one family member or another will say ‘look how much hair they’ve got’ or on the flip side ‘don’t worry, we’re sure their hair will grow soon’. So we want to ask you, when you had your baby, was your baby born with loads of hair, or none at all

Please do let us know by posting a reply to this thread, and we would absolutely love to see pictures of your baby, with or without hair too!



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    Oliver had a good head of dark hair when born (and I had the heartburn while pregnant), then it all fell out at 3 months, came back blonde and he has just had his first haircut at 10 months old as it was over his eyes and ears!

  • imageimageArlo had a great head of jet black hair when he was born. We couldn't believe it!! He kept it all on top but lost a bit at sides and back. He is a lot fairer now aswell!! imageimage

  • Hello everyone,

    Lily was born on the 2nd May with a full head of hair. It was jet black when born and went lighter after a couple of baths.

    Here she is...




  • imageimage both of mine were born with next to no hair, my eldest was bald until she was 2 and a half and looking like lyra may be the same x

  • I've been waiting for a thread like this 😂  This is my little girl at 3 days old and 6 weeks old 😂


  • Shellington, we totally had you in mind when we kicked off this thread! 
    Have to say, we are loving all these baby pictures too! 

  • @DanielleMFM I absolutely love babies with lots of hair, my first was completely bald so it was certainly a shock when she came out like that. Love all these pics 😍

  • My little boy came out with thick dark hair and hasn't lost any since imageimage

  • Loving these pictures, and amazing how many of the babies hair have really changed colour! 

  • Shellington wow ur baby girl has amazing hair!!!! 

    My first boy was born with fair hair dead straight.

    My second boy was bald until 9 months then it started growing blonde and curly 

    My third boy was born with more hair then my first it was dark and has gone slightly ginger and blonde. 

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    My baby girl had a head of hair when was born I knew was coming they saw it on her scan ha. Now she can have bunches and everything at 10 months old I love it!! 

  • Born with loads of hair and never lost it, it's long and curly now...

    image   image

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