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Going on holiday with a newborn

hi im due to give give birth on 28th june C section. Me and my partner are on about going to Tenerife on 13th august for 2 weeks With our 2 years and new born. 

We are both undecided on what to do because it might Be too hot for our newborn baby, he'll be only 7 weeks. 

Ive asked loads of people and I've looked on the web and I'm getting mixed answers saying yes go and don't it's too early for that. 

Please give me advice and be as honest as possible. Thanks 


  • I personally would wait, but my friend did this and she said it was easy - baby pretty much fed or slept all the time. Not sure physically you'll feel like wanting to be away so soon after birth though - it can really take it out of you. 

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