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It's hot out there! So what are you dressing your baby in, in this hot weather?

Hi everyone, 
Well it's positively gorgeous outside, but it's also quite hot too, so we're wondering, what are you dressing your baby in during the day? And also what is your baby wearing at night? 

We'd love you to tell us what your baby is wearing in this heat, and feel free to post a picture too if you like, to show us, by posting your reply to this thread! 



  • We been dressing Harper in dresses and little rompers during the day but if we're staying in she's been in her nappy. At night she's been in a vest as it's far to hot in our house even with a fan on 😩😩 


  • Shorts & tshirt/rompers/ dresses and night Jordanna is just in her nappy as far to hot for her and she's getting cranky 😔

  • Just a short sleeve vest at night, no sleeping bag.  We have a warm house even in winter so really struggling in the hot weather. 

    Just a vest in the day at home then thin pair of trousers or shorts if we go out.


  • imageWe are liking the summer playsuits at the moment. 

  • image

    I have found H&M have some gorgeous summer wear, very light and loose for the warm weather, Ruby is wearing one of their jumpsuits x

  • These are some gorgeous outfits. Perfect for a day like today! Let's hope it lasts! 

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