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Changing teat size

hi all my lo is 7 weeks old and Iv just changed him to a dr brown num 2 teat led flow as he was struggling taking all his feed and only managing 3-4oz instead of 7oz he has been absolutely fine now all of a sudden I think he has colic could this be the teat change? Anyone had this problem? Hate seeing him in pain thanks x


  • Defo sounds like he's taking in too much wind while feeding - have you tried winding him during the feed? So let him have an oz of milk, then wind, get your burp, and carry, winding ever oz. 

    Also, number 3 teat could be too soon for a 7 week old - so don't hesitate going back to the number 2 teets x

  • His on a number 2 do you think I should try a 3 is that what your saying? X

  • Oh i totally read your post wrong - thought you said you had changed to size 3 teats already! Sorry! 

    Ok, no definitely don't change to size 3! 

    I think the change from size 1 going to size 2 might be causing the colic. You could go back to size 1, or if you think he's needs the bigger feeds, stay with the size 2 teat and wind him regularly during the feed - so every after every 1 oz wind him. 

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