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Baby keeps sticking tongue out


Hi everyone,

I'm a little worried about my 7.5month old. He keeps putting his tongue forward but not all the way out. Its only started in the last couple of days and I'm just wondering if it's normal?
I have really bad anxiety as my son isn't crawling or saying Mama yet and this is only adding to it. 

Thanks in advance.


  • hi there,

    I would not worry at all about the crawling part yet my little one is 9 month old and is not yet crawling. She is trying her hardest but hasn't figured out how to co-ordinate her arms and legs in the crawling position yet. 

    As for the tongue, it could be teething.. my little girl sucks her lips and rubs her tongue against her gums. Maybe try a teething ring?

    I was stressing something is wrong with my little girl not crawling or talking or saying words, i just decided she will do all this on her own time. And believe it or not she is starting to develop and do all of this on her own now. She mumbles most of the time and every now and then she would say "da da" or "ba ba" she only ever says "muuuuumm" when shes upset and crying and i could swear she said "bye bye" on the phone with my mom yesterday. 

    See i completely get that you have some anxiety that your precious little one has not reached a milestone that you have set for them. But your cutie pie will be a crawling, teething and talking busy body for you in no timeimage

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