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Did you get the ‘baby blues’? When did it kick in? What did it feel like and how long did it last?


Did you get the baby blues in the days after your baby was born? And if you did, when did it start, how did it make you feel – and how long did it last?

Please do come and share your experience with us. We’re hoping the posts on this thread will be helpful to any new mum reading this who’s feeling a bit wobbly, teary and miserable right now – and wondering why on earth she is feeling like this.

Please do post your comments below - we’d love to hear them.



  • I had the baby blues with my first. I had no idea it could happen at all - it started just a few days after having my little girl - i had no apatite, found eating made my throat close up, i was terrified of being left alone with the baby (I clearly remember ugly crying when my husband went back to work after paternity leave) and I felt like i was on an emotional rollercoaster - happy for a second and then so, so overwhelmingly sad.  

    But it did stop - i think it took about 6/7 weeks to pass, and i found once i knew how to wash the bottles, use the steriliser and not to panic and schedule visitors rather than have them drop by at any time, I felt a little more in control of things. 

    So it does stop, and my HV was really lovely too and supportive and even set me up on a play date with another local mum to help get me out of the house too. 

  • I can't remember when I had them with my 1st but I remember having this strong paranoid feeling for few weeks. My partner, who I had no reason to doubt, got the majority of this thrown at him. I accused him of all sorts 😂 all untrue! However, this time around 3/4 days post partum I felt this wave of emotion build up. I took myself upstairs "to put the washing away" and just sobbed. My oh came upstairs and panicked and I told him nothing was wrong I just couldn't stop them. I was part laughing part crying. I knew it was just the hormone crash but it didn't make it any less real.

    I am breastfeeding this time so I think that makes the hormones linger a bit longer. It's happened twice since she was born 3 weeks ago but it only lasted an hour or so each time. It's a bizarre feeling. I think being my 2nd too I was more exhausted too.

    All very normal and being prepared for the hormone crash on day 3-5 definitely helps you cope! X

  • I had them with my first daughter, she was in the nicu unit for 3 weeks and about the 5th day in of her stay. I just felt like such a bad mum leaving her there. every time I would do the 40 minute drive home. I'd cry most of the way Home because I felt so guilty for leaving her and that I should of been there 24/. Made me feel like I was being selfish. Even though Id sit in that room from 8am- 8pm most days.  I also didn't feel like a mum, which made it very hard. but as soon as I got to bring her home I was fine. 

  • I had a somewhat traumatic labour ending in a c-section but felt emotionally fine for the 2 nights in hospital. Going home coincided with my hormone crash and the blues kicked in. I cried a lot that first week or two. I felt completely out of my depth (I'd never even changed a nappy before Arthur arrived), struggled with painful breastfeeding, barely slept and had no idea how to stop Arthur crying (which he did a lot!)

    I was terrified when my husband went back to work and was pretty wobbly for a while. Thankfully my mum came every day to help out and I started to find my feet. HV made me go to the doctors and they thought I might have mild pnd, though I still think it was mainly the blues.

    With a lot of support from friends and family I started having more good days than bad. Arthur is now 10 weeks old and though I still have the odd wobble I'm enjoying him much more. I make sure I go somewhere or visit someone every day to keep me sane!

    It feels horrible at the time but you will get through it. Don't feel bad about leaning on people for support, and accept any help offered!

  • I got baby blues at day 5 of my son been born when my milk came 

    I just wanted to cry when I looked at him because I thought my heart was going to burst with love for him. I also didn't trust anyone to hold him or watch him so I could have a break or even shower not even my partner 

    my partner told me to have an early night and he would watch our son and I couldn't sleep because he wasn't in his Moses basket next to me 

    my oh took him to his brothers for an hour so could have a nice bath and all I could do was cry because he wasn't there 

    my baby blues lasted about a week

  • I got the baby blues a couple weeks postpartum. I gradually started to feel more irritable, frustrate, drained and lonely. I live in London and my family are in Ireland where I'm originally from, so I dont have my family, my mum especially, around for support. 

    My son is now 5 months and I've been stuck with this dark cloud over me. He's the most pleasant, well behaved, healthy, happy little boy and I feel so guilty that I'm so miserable. 

    I struggle talking to my partner about it because he doesn't understand why and gets defensiv. He thinks I'm not happy with our life together, but it's not him. I just need him to listen and support me, not fix me. 

    Ill be starting therapy in a couple of weeks and hope having someone impartial and on my side to vent to will help. 

    transitioning into being a mum is hard and for people to feel like they have to maintain this fairytale lifestyle is unrealistic and unfair. 

  • When Harrison was born people kept telling me that, when my milk came in, I'd get weepy and cry for no reason - they said it was completely normal and that it happens to everyone. It didn't happen to me, and I felt like I'd done something wrong or that I was a terrible parent that didn't care enough to cry! That really made me feel anxious that maybe I wasn't a very good mum because I didn't feel strongly enough to cry like I was 'supposed' to! After a traumatic birth, resulting in me not being awake to see my baby being born I already felt like I'd failed so I think that was my version of the baby blues! 

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