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What buggy did you buy? And now you’re a mum, what do you like – and not like – about it?


Today we’re talking buggies. What buggy did you buy for your baby, and now you’re a mum, have you found things you really love about it, and other things not so much? 

Please do come and tell us about your buggy by posting a reply to this thread. And if you fancied posting a picture of your baby in their buggy too, please do! 



  • I researched buggies a lot before I bought mine. I went for the Uppababy vista for the easy fold, standing on it's end, huge basket and conversion to a double if necessary. It has a great cover and the toddler seat is great. It can also be used for overnight sleeping.

    I don't like that it scratches so easily. Also it's too wide at the back and the carrycot only lasted until Charlotte was 3 months (100th percentile). 

  • We got a bugaboo cameleon absoloutly love it it's the best one I ever had so easy to put up and down and just feels like it glides when I need a pushchair I'm going for the bugaboo bee X

  • We went with uberchild. So glad we did it's brilliant! 

    The whole travel system was £259.99 and the base was £99.99. Excellent value for money. It has fantastic reviews on trust pilot. I really didn't want to spend alot on a travel system, I don't see the point when they grow out of them so quickly. I cannot fault it, it's our first pram and didn't really look into many others. So don't know if the more expensive ones are worth it. We are perfectly happy with ours. Highly recommend


  • Thanks so much for your posts, we'd love to hear from peeps about their buggy choices. 

  • Hi Ladies,

    My Son is now 19m old and as a new Mum I did not do any research into what pram was "best" for me I just went on visual.

    I brought the full Stokke Xplory set - This cost about £1300 at the time.

    Although I have no regrets as it was amazing I feel quite strongly that you don’t know what you need until you have had kids. As I had a c-section birth I found that the carrycot required placement just above my scar in order to put onto the chassis however this would have been the case with any choice. The fact that the changing bag clipped onto the base was also handy as It reduced the risk of me leaving it somewhere or it falling off. As time went on I constantly get compliments about the height of the pushchair the xplory is designed to have baby at eye level which has meant that I have been able to see his reactions when he sees things like airplanes for the first time. It has a titanium base which means no scratches and overall it has weathered very well.

    I am now the proud owner of a MUTSY IGO pure which was featured in the top 10 must have travel prams at this year’s MFM awards, it retails at around £750 but it is the most amazing stroller! it is one piece so just a simple click and the whole thing is up - It does also come with a carrycot and If I had done my research before having a baby I would have brought this over the STOKKE. Equally both systems I have mentioned are the higher price range which I fully understand is not always available and his Nan has always brought My Baibee strollers since Hugo was born which are around £90 and these have equally stood the test of time.

    I think no amount of research can teach you what you need and if I am lucky enough to have another child I will defiantly go to the baby show where MFM do a buggy test track with weighted baby’s– only now do I realize the importance of this.


    Live and learn Mummys!

  • To add to my previous post.

    Stokee Xplory - My choice before baby

    Mutsy Igo - My Choice now

    My Baibee - Nan's choice imageimageimage

  • We ended up going to a place called Ann's pram in petersfield. Such a fab choice and the owner Sue was so helpful. 

    We had been looking at the mama and papa's selection but with a dog we really needed a 3 wheel as majority of time I am walk through woods and over rough terrain.

    Our choice in the end was the Jane Trider tavel system.

    Fold down nice and system, our little boy always falls a sleep so if so comfortable in it.

    Sturdy with three wheels so easy to push with one hand looking after the dog. 

    Best investment ever.


  • After lots of research we went for the ickle bubba stomp v3. It was designed by a couple from the UK who had kids themselves and realised lots of prams come with add ons you don't realise you need to purchase until after and it becomes very expensive. You really do get the whole package! I couldn't believe the other day when my friend said she had to buy a cosy toes add on to use the next part of her pram!! Surely that should be included?! 

    Only downfall is the isofix base for the carseat can be a little fiddly to click in at first but with more use it becomes easier. 

    I'm definitely happy with my choice :)


  • Really enjoying seeing everyone's choices keep them coming! X 

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