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So much crying! 4 month old does not stop crying



  • Oh my word. I read this chain and all of my suspicions feel like they’ve been confirmed. My little girl is 4.5 months old. We’re in the process of weaning her onto a hypoallergenic formula for a cows milk allergy (Neocate...which is DISGUSTING). along with Ranitidine for reflux. This is after many trips to the GP and finally a specialist allergy consultant (privately) to confirm that they THINK she has an allergy, which is the cause of her constant irritability and crying when feeding. 
    Shes been on Ranitidine for 2 weeks now and the only difference we have seen is that she no longer cries when she feeds...unless you offer her more and she doesn’t want it.
    Other than that, she’s exactly the same as before. In fact probably worse. She doesn’t ever seem content unless distracted very temporarily by something. She will smile a lot for 5 mins and then cry the rest of the time. 
    The allergy consultant says that she suffers with something called Sandifers syndrome. I’m not entirely convinced, but that’s just my gut instinct. She sleeps with her head tilted right back. This is the only symptom aside from irritability. 
    The theory is that she has silent reflux but this is caused by an allergy to cows milk and soy. The plan is to wean her onto Neocate to eliminate the discomfort. The ranitidine will help heal the damage already done to her oesophagus and she will be “like a new baby” within 2 weeks. If not, he recommended to replace one dozen of he ranitidine with omeprazole and add an antihistamine. Which we are yet to do. We have a follow up appointment on 31 Aug to discuss. 
    When ive read the symptoms of an allergy, she has barely any of them and she seems slightly happier on normal hipp organic formula. I’ve had this feeling that it’s not necessarily any discomfort, just how she is. But the allergy consultant basically laughed at me and told me it’s 100% am allergy and then sooner she is weaned onto solids the better. 
    Thought I’d share this with everyone because I’m sceptical, but if it does work, then it may be the cure for others! 
    Since we began the medication and mixed the formula (hipp and neocate) AND cow and gate carobel, she no longer suffers with wind. And she doesn’t cry when feeding. But she will never finish a bottle of 5oz. Sometimes she can go a whole 24 hour period with just 12oz. My theory is that she associates feeding with pain (and the new formula is gross) so she takes the minimum before giving up on it. I find that she feeds better when half asleep at her 11pm dreamfeed. 
    One thing I also noticed today was that she takes a bottle much better when I’m out of the house. I’ve tried feeding her at home in the garden and no joy. Turns out, she prefers when I make a bottle from the boiled water thermos than the tommee tippee prep machine. Guessing because she wants it warmer! 
    Not sure if any of this is helpful. I’m still suffering so badly with her constant need to be distracted. She cries when she’s put down, cries when I hold her. 
    I’ve also decided to start some sleep training. For my own sanity, as she will NEVER self sooth. She will also never sleep anywhere except her own bed, the car, or sometimes the pram. And it has to be moving on rough terrain. Otherwise she screams (shops are just a nightmare). 
    I personally think she’s so hungry and lacks the ability to self soothe also, that she simply is exhausted. But we’re working through this whole long list of processes to hopefully find the Silver bullet....but I suspect there isn’t one. 
  • RachelOz this sounds identical to how my little boy was at that age! I’m really interested to know how the allergy stuff goes too. Keep us posted! Also, one trick we used which seemed to help was to feed in the kitchen with the extractor fan on, as it made a big white noise. It seemed to distract him from crying on feeds... not sure why, but that’s what we discovered! Random I know! Xxx
  • Jenjenjenjen I’ll definitely give that a go! It’s so strange how they need a distraction to take a full feed. And I’ll most definitely let you know what happens with the allergy stuff. We’re down to a ratio of 3 scoops neocate, to 2 hipp organic so far. And we’ve started her on babyrice with pear to mask the flavour of the formula. Need this sorting out before winter when most of our time will be spent indoors 😱
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