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Vaccines good or bad?

Just want to know what mothers think of vaccinations. 


  • I think they are absolutely essential, and there is no solid proof to claim otherwise. However I do have a mum at my daughter's school whose son has autism and she vehemently believes it's from him vaccincations, despite there no being actual solid proof - she does post a lot of a conspiracy theories... 

    Oh, i'm not a believer in the chicken pox vaccine though as kids still tend to get it even with the vaccine and i think it's good for them to catch it at a young age as opposed to when they are an adult. 

  • I think they do more harm than good. Efficacy and safety are not proven for a start, and even if you believe they work, it's admitted the efficacy only lasts between 5 & 15 yrs (depending on the vaccine).

    Personally I chose to not vaccinate my baby (now almost 1) and my older children are 10 & 13 and not vaccinated since their 4 month ones.

  • They are good for babies. 

  • I hope you don't mind me asking Phoenix, but why do you think they do more harm than good? Surely prevention is better than cure? Especially the Meningitis B vaccine which is so often lethal. I think their effectiveness to work is well proven. Are you concerned because of the (now unproven) links with autism?

  • In respect to Meningitis, after the Men C vaccine was introduced cases of Men B increased, which is why they've now brought out the Men B vaccine and now only give Men C to older toddlers.
    However Men B vaccine is one that does do more harm than good (imo). For instance, it causes a high fever in more than 60% of children (babies) who receive it (incidence of high fever following vaccine is >1 in 2), yet the incidence for contracting Men B is ridiculously low, less than 2,000 confirmed cases a year in England & Wales  (which, when you think about our population of 53 million, less than 2,000 cases is less than 0.01%). So for me the risk of meningitis is not worth the potential harm and side effects from the vaccine, side effects which include

    - fever (≥38ºC)

    - loss of appetite

    - tenderness or discomfort at the injection site (including severe injection site tenderness resulting in crying when injected limb is moved)

    -painful joints

    -skin rash


    -feeling irritable

    -unusual crying




    All of which are reported as being "Very common(these may affect more than
    1 in 10 people)" (taken from the Bexsero patient Information Leaflet)

    So while I agree that Meningitis is a horrible illness, the risk of my child contracting it in the first place is not statistically sound to risk the side effects.

    It would be like me saying I am never going to travel anywhere by plane because of the risk of being in a plane crash.

    I DO believe prevention is better than a cure though which is why I choose to breastfeed exclusively (no other food or drink or medicines even) for at least the first 27 weeks and then continue to breastfeed til self weaning (years, not months) alongside as much healthy food as possible, lots of fresh organic fruit and veg, plenty of sun (what we can get living in the uk anyway), avoiding things which lower the immune system like processed foods and sugar and antibiotics.
    This means that if my child comes into contact with illnesses she is able to fight them off without it turning into something deadly. The meningitis bacteria lives harmlessly in many people's throats and is only dangerous if a person is already run down and the bacteria is able to infect the lining of the brain, spinal cord, or blood.

    Last of all I'm not so much concerned with Autism as I am with brain swelling in general, and I do not think it's healthy to bypass the body's natural defenses (skin, stomach/digestive tract etc) and inject foreign matter into muscle, especially aluminium adjuvants.
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