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Should children be offered a seat on the bus or a train before anyone else?

Hi everyone, 

We’re wondering, how do you feel about children being offered seats on buses and trains before anyone else? Obviously we’re not talking about seats being offered to kids before elderly folk or pregnant women, but other ‘regular’ commuters. 

Please come and tell us, if you think children should or shouldn’t be offered seats before anyone else by posting a reply to this thread; we’d be so interested to hear what you think. 



  • I think children should be a priority up to a certain age. I agree the elderly should also be a priority but as a mum of a 5 year old, she shouldn't be expected to stand for any part of a journey and wouldn't be safe as if the bus was to stop in an emergency she wouldn't be able to hold on enough.

  • Oh that's interesting Flossyflossy. I always tell my kids that grownups get to sit down first. I agree that it's hard to stand, especially if the bus or train stops suddenly, but I think it's probably harder for lots of adults, who may have hidden disabilities (dodgy knees, balance problems) and lots of bags/shopping to balance. 

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